I just need to share. God is good.

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    Some of you may know, Ken has been unemployed since the middle of May. Things have been tight to say the least. Then the car died. A complete and noisy death, never to be repaired again. Blessing number 1: We were financed!!!! We both have crappy credit and we got financed. Blessing number 2: Ken was hired for $100 to do a repair job for a friend on his computer. 2 hours turned into 4 days. Which turned into $550!!!! Blessing number 3: Out kits (baby bunnies) seem to be selling like hotcakes. 3 of 6 are sold!!!! Money down, dollars in hands sold!!!!!

    I am faithful that God will contine to bless us and we are heading to a rabbit show in the morning with remaining kits and 3 buns to show. Life is good. OH!!! And we have an ATC for sale and I am pretty sure a guy at work wants it and wants it bad.

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    Jun 7, 2011
    And all the time god is good
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    Quote:But it is even more special when one realizes it. He is my go to Guy.
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    AMEN!! Prayers answered!
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    Quote:Honestly I ususually spend more time praying for others. God, others, yourself. But lately, I have been praying for US! We have been blessed.
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    Hey put me on your list!!!! [​IMG]
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    And there are cupcakes comming!

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    Quote:Good things happen to good people [​IMG]
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    Quote:Good things happen to good people [​IMG]


    And it makes the rest of us happy when they do. [​IMG]
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    Good news!! Glad to hear! God has stellar timing doesn't He? [​IMG]

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