I LOVE my cat .. check out his fangs though lol


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Here is my kitty in a very awsome if rather agressive looking pose though he was just lying on his back looking up at me , alert but not irritated or agressive at all but he shure looks that way IMO....
Tell me what you think of my Awsome kitty

That would be a good Halloween picture! Being black and having those big yellow eyes!

I have a cat w/ teeth to long, they stick out, but he's gray.
Thank you , Im afraid Im rather partial to my kitty I think he is the best cat in the whole world .. I got him when someone knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted a kitten , they found him in the bushes and thought someone had thrown him from a car or something as he had a owie on his head , he was maybe 3 months old and rather scrawny and scraggly , he was always mellow and got along good with my then 2 3/4 son , he didnt play over hyper active like some kittens and though he loves to nap on me he isnt to whiney and clinging and bothersome ether. He still puts up with my son though he is now known to nail him occasionaly to remind him he does have claws and some things are irritateing. He isnt scrawy any more being almost 13 pounds and very fluffy.
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I like black cats too and always wonderd at people who think wierd things about htem , Ill never understand why anyone has a problem with anything becuase of the color it is or isnt , I love people and animals for who they are not what they look like , So kitties are kitties are kitties I like that his fur is soft and fluffy I have never had a cat with hair so soft befor never felt anything like it , if you could spin it in to kitty yarn it would feel like cahsmier.

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