I love wrong numbers sometimes...

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  1. eenie114

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    Poor guy. [​IMG]
    Me: Hello?

    Other person: *mumble*
    Me: Uh, hello?
    Other person: Hey, this is *****, what's up?
    Me: Um, I think you have a wrong number.

    Other person: *pause* You mean this isn't Skye?

    Me: No, sorry, I'm not Skye.

    I guess I sound a lot like Skye, 'cause this guy sounded completly perplexed. [​IMG]
  2. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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  3. Tala

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    This one old geezer always calls here asking for Virginia. The first time he must not have had his hearing aid in, because I told him he had the wrong number like three times and he didn't get it, so I hung up. He called about 4x in a row before he caught on. The 3rd time I hung up on him he called back and said "Virginia are you ok? somebody hung up on me" I think he was seriously worried about her so I felt kinda bad for hanging up on him but I just wasn't getting through to him that this was NOT her place!! That was a while back.
    Yesterday he called again, but this time he heard me when I said I wasn't Virginia. Then he proceeded to quiz me about my name and who's daughter I was (I'll admit I sound young) so I guess he thought a kid was pulling his leg or somethin.
    What I kinda found funny about myself, was he asked who's daughter I was and I told him my FIL instead of my real dad. My FIL is fairly well known around here, I guess I thought it might ring a bell with the old guy, I dunno any other reason why I would lie LOL Well that and my maiden name is kinda hard to understand, nobody gets it right on the phone, so maybe I just didn't feel like trying to get mr-can't-hear to understand it [​IMG] at least he didn't call back.
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  4. eenie114

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    What was scary was that he sounded JUST like a guy I know who will hit on just about any girl he can get to listen to him. I was all set to scream, ''HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?!?!'' [​IMG]
  5. Livinzoo

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    Lol. I was bored one night and talked to a wrong number guy for a few hours. Or should I say listened to him talk. He thought he was calling a friend and after I told him I wasn't the friend he just couldn't shut up. So I got free entertainment. I was single and in my 20's. He was probably in his late teens or early 20's.

    The weirdest thing I ever had happen is I was a teenager talking to my boyfriend and then the phone clicked and started ringing. I thought I heard something amongst the rings so I said hello. Someone said hello back, even though the phone kept ringing. They asked if so and so was there and I tried to explain what was going on. And then they faded out and again I said hello and got someone else asking for someone while the phone kept ringing. Just to interesting to hang up on. LOL
  6. Baymule

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    When you get a wrong number, say sure you can talk to -------- (whatever name they ask for) then give the phone to somebody else and say, its for you. Then just sit back and enjoy the confusion. [​IMG]
  7. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    I used to have this elderly woman who would call my house almost every day, either really late at night or super super early in the morning. She always left a message and it was the rudest messages ever...

    Once my answering machine would kick in she would leave this in summer "I have called you 3x already, when are you gonna get your lazy (enter swear word) here to mow my lawn, guess you will be happy when I am dead (enter swear word)"

    In winter " I have called you 3x already, when are you gonna get your lazy (enter swear word) here to plow the driveway, guess you will be happy when I am dead (enter swear word)"

    My Dh and I answered the phone several times and repeatedly told her she had the wrong number, one time she told my dh to kiss her you know what and hung up on him. We ended up changing our number. It was obvious this lady was elderly and Senile. Thinking back on it now it was kind of funny.
  8. Iowa Roo Mom

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    When I moved into my house, I did not realize that my "new" number was so close to Expert Tire's "old" number. You have no idea how many people called me asking if they could get an alignment. [​IMG]
  9. PineappleMama

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    You're lucky... we're cursed with having a bad number... used to be, a decade ago, the number to a mini golf course... so we get those now and then... but the big annoyance is Remax... their number is one off from ours... theirs is a 9 ours is a 6... that gets a wrong one now and again, "Oh sorry" and no problem... it happens. What doesn't normally happen is a business being so dang dopey that they misprint their signs with the wrong number... misprint their business cards with the wrong number... and then pass them out over a 100 or so mile radius... after YEARS of this, and yes we called the office, they're still doing it... I can tell you one thing. I will NEVER trust that particular office for anything. If they're too dense to recognize a numerical error in their own phone number than what hope is there that your home sale or buying will be error free? Commission %, interest %, down payment, sales price... what happens if the mix up things and make it 9% instead of 6.... 9000 instead of 6000... nope, won't be trusting them anytime in the near future.

    Now the 'pocket call' we got last month... that was funny... went on for ages on the answering machine... just general random jabber. NO clue who it was... suspect another Remax error since they were talking about homes but can't be sure. Never gotten a 'pocket call' before... didn't even know there was a name for it, but DH knew just what it was... *shrug*

    I think the big wrong number winner though was the guy who called at... was it midnight or so? "Hey baby, wazzup?" acting all smooth. Said he met 'me' at the club last night... was busy today but thought he'd see what I was doing tonight since we hit it off so well. When I tried telling him that I'm happily married but thanks he said (again creepy smooth voice) "Well that's not cool honey"... weirdo. Took a while but eventually I got it through his head that I was here at home the night before, with my DH and kiddos... and whoever he met at the club rattled off a random (and turned out to be mine) number.... he was perfectly nice about it, but it sure was weird. NOTE: if you're going to give out fake digits PLEASE stick to 867-5309 or if you fear they might actually know Jenny stick to a 555 one.

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