I need a farm name!!!


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Knoxville, TN
Y'all, I need your help! I cannot think of a good name for our 'farm'... here are the details:

We have 5.5 acres in a 'holler', a small pond, a HUGE oak tree and a large pine forest. We also have TONS of wild blackberries and muscadine grapes growing. Can't forget about the honeysuckle everywhere either. We will be a csa (community shared agriculture) farm in the next few years and will be offering heirloom produce, eggs, baked goods and other homemade/grown products. All of our csa crops will be organically grown. We own chickens, dogs, a cat, and hope to add ducks and goats eventually. My last name is Lee.

I would love something unique but that also pertains specifically to our farm... but something more original than 'Lee Family Farm', etc.

Anyone have any ideas?

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