I need a little information on my eggs.


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Sep 17, 2012
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Last night was day 7 in the incubator and first candling day. I have read that a red ring in an egg is bad. I am not sure if I have red rings in some of my eggs or if it's just a big vein circling the eggs.

I also have some eggs that the veins look blurry, like they had burst and kind of ran down the inside of the egg but in some of them, the embryo is moving. So, I am asking what am I looking at?

The vein or ring in this one is only what red you can see in this photo. Kind of like a loose W.

<This photo and the next 2 are of the same egg.
< Is this the blood ring that means the chick has died?
<The vein/ring is all the way around it.

<This egg is one of the blurry eggs. Is it good?

I would have gotten a picture of a blurred banded egg but my batteries died. The egg above shows a large area of blurred blood(?) but some of the other eggs have a definite band around them but nearer to the bottom of the eggs than to the middle.
The first two you posted look like blood rings to me, meaning the embryos died very early on. That last egg is hard to tell since it's blurry, but I tend to err on the side of caution and leave all eggs in (unless they are going bad) until at least day 10 to be sure.
If these were mine I would leave them all in until day 10, just to be absolutely certain. I leave blood rings in my incubator all the time until day 10 because once I had written one down as a blood ring and when I went back to check on day 10 there were vessels everywhere! Good thing I'm always so cautious. ;) They definitely won't rot and blow up in 3 days, so it doesn't hurt to leave them in.
That's what I will do then. As you said, 3 days is not very long. At least I am sure what the blood ring looks like now. Thanks.

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