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Jul 16, 2018
View attachment 1470053 This is the smallest one out of the three and the other ones seem to have a darker brown fur.

I found three mallard ducklings a few days ago and there mom was killed by my neighbors dog and I need help. First off, how do I tell their gender. Secondly, how do I know their age. Finally, how do I know they are eating. I have gotten them the right food but it is hard to tell if they are actually eating it. One other thing: is it normal for them to want to try and get out of their pen I made them, because, they are sometimes trying to hop out.
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Jul 15, 2018
1.You can tell gender by the color and size lighter color is mostly girl.2 I can try to tell there age by picture.3 Ducks eat a lot so look most of the time and also give them water.and Welcome to BYC!!

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If you can put up some pics we may able to help with age. Gender will come as they are older. If you feel your not ready to take on the responsibility of caring and raising them you can call fish and wild life and they can probably tell you where a rehabbers is they can raise them so they can go back in the wild.

Ducklings need a lot of water when they eat so make sure they have a bowl deep enough they can dunk their heads into but can climb into and drown. Here is a link with good info and a pic of a homemade waterer perfect for ducklings https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/raising-and-caring-for-ducklings.750869/

Yep those little things can jump so Might be a good idea to put some kind of screened top on the pen you made for them Is this in the house because if they are tiny they may still need some form of heat.
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