i need advice My duck has been attacked

Sharona Murray

5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
Last nigh my couple month old duck has gotten into my dogs yard and has been bitten. She has puncher wounds under and around her wings but none seem to be broken. She hasnt been walking she stands sometimes but not for very long. She isnt eating at all has been drinking little bits of water, but has thrown up a couple times. There is also some watery green liquid dripping from her mouth. I have been rinsing the wounds then applying betadine, dose anyone have some feed back that could assist me as I cant afford a vet.
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Welcome to BYC!

I am so sorry about duck! I am not sure how to treat ducks and am not sure about antibiotics with waterfowl either. So I think you need to post this question in our emergency section for more help with this....


For now, get her under a heat lamp immediately. Injured birds go into shock very easily and being very cold can kill them. Then head over to the emergency section. I really hope someone can help you there.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! So sorry about your duck, X3 on try posting in the Emergencies and Duck forums, hope she is OK.

Ducks are a lot more hardier then chickens so your duck
needs plenty of rest and the Bactine is best now keep
the fly's away from the wounded area's and do not let
the duck get cold ,,, Electrolyte in the water and if you
have any egg's a hard boiled egg has all types of natural
medicines in there so remove the shell and mash up real
good and serve .... But make sure your duck stays hydrated
She is probably in shock right now- you should keep her in a quiet, darkened , warm place for her to come out of that. Sorry this happened to her, birds never win against dogs.
She has passed away this morning, we did the best we could. We're thinking she had internal injuries. She was a much loved family pet.

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