I need help identifying the killer of my whole flock

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Hallienicole, Jun 20, 2019.

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    May 9, 2019
    Not mine but my grandmother had 7 chickens all fully grown and laying and one rooster. About a week ago I got a call from her saying a predator had gotten her chickens all except 2. They had been eaten from the butt first. She got the two live ones inside a dog cage and waited for me to get over there the next day to clean up. When I got there there was nothing left of the killed chickens except for the rib cage. After we cleaned up the next night the predator came and finished off the last two In the same way. Ate half of each bird and came back the next night to finish. Her chick coop was like a chain link dog cage about 10ft tall and at least 10ft wide, it had a tin roof and tin covering the back and one other side. She has no plans to get more chickens she's getting older and it's harder for her to take care of them but she loved them. She put out poison and the predator ate that too but there's no sign of a dead animal any where I'm unsure of what kind of poison I'm assuming rat poison. But I'm concerned about what kind of preditor could have done it.
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    A common predator that kills chickens are foxes. Rats typically only eat chicks or weak birds in the flock.
    Foxes are terrible they eat the bird and then just leave them there.
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    May 9, 2019
    Ill have to look into if foxes are in our area we are located in Southern Texas close to the coast
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    Raccoon, possum, fox a weasel would kill all at once the others raccoon and fox are best guess from me
  5. Sorry about grandmas chickens!
    I am glad she is not intrested in getting more as her coop and run set up sound very insecure for the chickens.
    all of the above mentioned preditors are a possibility. It sounds like possum to me.
    They would need a hole about the size of a softball to squeese in, and they can climb a fence. Racoon too.
    The fox and coyote would need a much biger hole. They would most likely try to dig under the fence to get in. And they would take the body with them when they left to feed there young.
    Also know that a weasel, (one of the most bloodthirsty critters) only needs a hole the size you might think only a mouse could fit thru.
    Please for petes sake dont broadcast any more poison around. It is an indescriminate killer and will take out everything. Regardless if it is your pets, the neighbors pets and all kind of wildlife you really dont want to kill. Some get it seconday by feeding off the primary victom. Which is the case with vultures, owls, hawks and eagles, just to name a few.
    Chickens are special, but i would not trade them for all of natures critters, most who do no harm.
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    Ditto Dat!!!^^^

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