I need info on rheas please

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    Jul 6, 2009
    I am thinking about buying rheas and would like to get some feedback on what it's like owning them and weather they can live in the same area as any other birds like pheasants, chickens, peafowl ect. I have heard they aren't aggressive, I would like to hear about what their temperament is like. Also are they loud? Do they try to peck your eyes out? Anything else you can think of I should know before purchasing some would be greatly appreciated:)

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    I don't have reas, but I have two emu. First off, if you are going to get them as pets and live around your other animals, you must start off with babies. Ratites natural behavior is to stomp anything that is new or perceived as a threat, whither it be a baby chick etc.. Also they eat small mammals and lizards, and perhaps baby chicks............. So raise them up with your flock and use care and they can be fun. Mine are in a pasture with chickens, horses, peafowl, mini horses, llama etc...they all do well now. My emu were picked on by the chickens and peafowl, and still remember it even though they tower over them. This is a good thing as they feel the chickens are higher on the pecking order then them. [​IMG]
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    Jun 6, 2009
    vero beach, Fl.
    Someone gave us a month old Rhea, we raised it as a pet bringing it in at night on our screen porch(never pooed ever at night- thankfully) he would follow us around like a dog. Put him out with the horses in the pasture as he got older. He started bothering the horses- like going up to mount them- separated in his own nice area by the quarter acre pond( by the way, they can swim with no problem- to our great surprise). Now he weighs probably over a 100 pds. and his face is close to my 5'5"- so I always worn sunglasses. Then he starts biting aggressively at my husband any time he came near the fence. This started almost to the day he turned one year old. We found him a wonderful home with lots of other Rheas to mate and play. Got some great photos and laughs. That's our story about Rheas.

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