I need you to tell me your funniest chicken fails!! I must crown a winner!!

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Dec 21, 2020
Here's one that I always find interesting to this day. Never underestimate chickens. They have a brain when they want to. So my chickens used to like to go in the hog pen and scratch around for feed. I was not pleased by this, and they knew it. However when I let them out they would run straight for it. Well one day I let them out and was heading back over to the house. They made a beeline for the hog pen, then before they got to the hole to get in they started meandering along. I was like surely they aren't that smart. Sure enough, when they thought I was far enough away and had turned my back, they ran as fast as their little legs could carry them straight into the hog pen. HOWEVER, when they want to be dumb...you can't budge 'em.


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Jun 21, 2020
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My Coop
Here is one that is *shockingly* not about Joy!

I used to use a horse stall as a winter chicken coop, and I bought two of those plastic wall-mount nest boxes and attached them to the wall. My 11 pullets still laid during the winter and so I made the nest boxes nice and cozy for them. Most of the chickens decided to lay in the boxes, but Angel was NOT HAVING IT. Neither was Daisy Jr. According to them, the boxes were absolutely atrocious and they refused to lay in there. They would not do it. So Daisy and Angel took it upon themselves to find the most insane places to lay instead. This meant flying over the rafters out of the stall each day, and finding a new place. It was a whole ordeal to search the barn to find the Angel and Daisy Eggs, and some of them I didn’t find for months! Angel’s and Daisy’s places included:
  • The Jet Ski (Daisy laid here most often)
  • The trash can (when it was full like a nest)
  • A random corner in a random horse stall-IN A PILE OF BRICKS (I found this a year later)​
Sadly, Angel and Daisy Jr passed away a few months after their egg laying adventures, and I miss them a lot. However, I’m glad I have all these absurd memories of them! They were sweet girls.


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Mar 19, 2020
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I had a hen lay an egg in (yes in) an open feed bag once.

Also had a silkie that would peck whenever you were doing something in reach and just walk put and fall to the ground when her cage was opened. (I think she had eye troubles and couldn't see well.)

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Mar 27, 2020
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We have a net above the run so hawks can't get to the chickens. Once, one of our hens tried to fly over the fence and into the run without knowing that the net would keep her from doing so. I came down to the coop a while later to find a very distressed chicken seemingly hovering, unsupported, above the run:lau.

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