I put eggs in bator on 06/09....Anyone else on day 4 right now?


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I have 24 eggs in the bator. This is my first time hatching so I hope I am successful. I candled a few of them and I can see the red veins and heart beating. SO EXCITING! How many should I expect out of 24?
what kind of bator do you have? and hope you have 24 hatch for you.
ME!! I put 4 fridge eggs in on the 9th and they are all developing! I have no idea how many you can expect - this is my VERY first time. I have some shipped eggs that went in tonight as well - so I guess I will be doing what they call a staggered hatch ( I did not really expect my fridge eggs to make any progress because they had been in the fridge for over 2 weeks ). Best wishes on your hatch! I know I am on pins n needles!
I know this is a little off the subject but I have some call duck eggs in the incubator and this is day 24, how do I know if they have broken the internal air sack? When that happens does it happen at basically the same time they "pip" the outer shell? Thanks for any info?
From what I understand ( no actual experience first hand yet ) when you candle you can see a beak sticking out into the air cell at the bigger end. After that they should eventually pip the outter shell and commence to zipping it and hatching. But perhaps someone with a bit of firsthand knowledge will also answer. I don't like to give advice or "inform" someone on things I have not had personal experience with - I'm always paranoid I will be wrong since I haven't been through the experience first hand and give bad info or advice. No matter how many threads are read or times I am told I always find that things are just a little different when you are actually "doing" the thing - no matter if it is hatching chicks or whatever else for the first time.

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