I Quit. No More Stuff/. Done


11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
I am so sorry to vent to all of you. But I need an outlet. 1st last year my uncle came up missing in Feb they found him in May. He killed himself. Our son was with a girl that turned him completley into a different person(don't get me wrong he did alot of stuff not good either.) He threatened to kill us burn our house down kill our animals and much more. He left her and finally started to turn around. Had some trouble with a neighbor down the road(my son is 23 and the neighbor is in his 40's.) Now he is on bond over this and waiting. The good thing is the other guy has a record for the exact same thing he is accusing my son of doing? Waiting for the outcome of this mess. I think it is both their faults. Found out my father has a rare blood cancer and is going through major cemo and now stemcell transplant. In quarrintine for a couple weeks. Found out a few years back my DH's father has althiemers. Just found out his mother has a cancer called endometrial stromal sarcoma. For short it is called ESS. It is a rare uterine cancer.It is stage 3 She is not handling this well. She says no treament no nothing. My DH and kids are very upset about this. I told them give her time to process this. My DH is on the phone with her now and she is crying. This might sound stupid but beside God my animals are the only other thing keeping me going. My DH is so scared he has never lost anyone close to him. I don't know what to do. And my son when he is hurting over family anything acts out and takes it out on everyone. Am I wrong for feeling like I could go crazy? Thank you so much for listening.
What do I do? I also think this is affecting all my animals(my mood) cause they have all been acting up. All 4 dogs, 2 of the 3 goats and my chickens.
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There has been many time in which my animals were the faces who kept me going in rough times. Hang in there.

one day at a time, don't forget to breathe, and it sounds like your dh will need some good shoulders to lean on which I a sure you have. I will pray for your family.

Now just had to let my dogs out something by the chicken coop and goats pen, it is gone now. they dont' play. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH

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