I really hurt myself this time!


8 Years
Oct 16, 2011
Eatonville, WA
I'm here to report the world's stupidest at-work injury. Yesterday I completely blew out my knee, went to the emergency room to stabilize it, and will probably require surgery this summer. No, I'm not a running back for the NFL, I'm not a firefighter, I'm not an Olympic gymnast, I'm a...wait for it...TEACHER. Yep, 5th grade math did me in. I was sitting on my stool at the front of the class, innocently extolling the virtues of 3-dimensional figures, I went to stand up and SNAP! My knee apparently exploded.

X-rays showed no broken bones, so the ER doctor said it was some wild soft tissue damage. He couldn't determine exactly which tendons/ligaments were involved, though, because the whole thing was too tender for him to do a proper exam on it. (He said it was "internally deranged." I find that diagnosis kind of funny!) He splinted it up and sent me home with crutches, anti-inflammatories, and pain meds, with instructions to see my own doctor in the next couple days for a more thorough exam. That appointment is tomorrow, and I can't imagine the doctor telling me it's just fine, as I can't put any weight on that leg or even straighten it more than 45 degrees.

Today I crutched out onto the porch and my husband brought me chickens and mealworms. That's true love.

Think of my and my poor battered knee...

Wow. Sounds like it hurt.
I was going to give you the name of my knee doctor,Dr. Summeroff. But see you already have it covered
. Hope you can avoid surgery by just going to physical therapy. Either way good luck, however just to let you know that no matter whether its PT or surgery/PT the knee is seldom the same. I have had a balky knee for almost 20 years after pt and surgery/pt.
I feel for ya!

I did about the same thing with my ankle last year. It involved the Achilles-tendon, ankle cap, the ligaments under the ankle cap, and the Plantar sinews.

Luckily an orthopedist gave me options. Either surgery and 4 months of healing and therapy, or a soft-cast & brace for as long as it takes......... Being over 50, I tried without surgery and it took 10 months to heal.

Will say a prayer for ya......

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