I really need some help . . .possible mites?

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    I have about 30 finches, 6 cockatiels and 3 parakeets . . .we are fine in the house, none of us have an issue, BUT. Our DGS and one of our DS's buddies come and they go home with HORRIFIC bites. They start out tiny and the more they itch the more they become a sore. I have the pest control disks in the cages, all new and working (smelling at least) but DGS's mom took him to the doctor and he said either fleas or mites. We don't have fleas (I even did the nightlight/water dish test and nothing) but already knew we didn't, and I can't understand why we aren't affected if there ARE mites. What else can I do that is safe, cheap and effective? Please help, as the one "friend" of DS's went to school and told the whole class we have fleas. [​IMG] [​IMG] and made DS feel so bad. "Friends" mom said he can't come back to our house because of the bites and we all said GOOD. [​IMG]
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    Did this just start recently? Is there any possibility that they're chigger bites? Could the kids have picked them up in the yard? Chigger bites itch a lot! You end up with a big red spot, too.
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    You would see signs of mites on your birds way before there were enough to effect people. Mites are actually fairly rare so I would look for another cause. Check with your vet to be sure.

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