I see short speckled strangers in my future.....


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Apr 26, 2013
jacksonville fla
DH has agreed to get me set up
. Have been talking (apparently to myself out loud) for about a year now. I have read some, but realize I'll still be on a steep learning curve. I am in Jacksonville, Fla. and have 1/2 to 3/4 acre to be available to my newbies. He is really pretty handy and has agreed to build me a coop, and a portable run. I intend on also fencing in the area under my grape arbor (a fence roof on the underside for protection). The arbor is approx. 8X8. I thought it might be a second option to the portable run as a shady play yard for summer heat. Anyone know of issues with this idea? Just want to keep things safe as possible, and clear in my head so as to not cause DH any more work than possible while he is still a doubting Thomas. I was going to pull up coop ideas as well. Only plan on about 6 hens and 1 royal palm turkey (saw a photo and fell in love). Really excited, but trying to not mess up by hurrying too much.
the trouble with chickens is they are very addicting - and BYC members are all enablers. We advise people to make bigger coops and runs because we KNOW they will be
unable to resist temptation. PS husbands seem to fall hard for chickies as well so don't be surprised if he finds a few favorites.

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