I think I have a Roo. Am i right?


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Jun 17, 2014
I am raising my first flock of chickens. Thought i was good and that all my chics i got in the spring were hens. THEN, this weekend i went to my moms and noticed that her (what we were told are) white orpingtons didnt look the same as mine. They are from the same..hatch. We got them on Mothers day at a week old. As soon as i saw hers it occurred to me that my Snow might be a roo. In fact im pretty positive but thought i would share and confirm with you folks.

This is our Snow (going to have to find a new name im sure)

This is my Mom's Gladys

Snow is a roo isnt s(he) ? Im ok with that. She hasn't tried to crow or anything yet. Poor thing i have been trying to convince her to lay eggs too. which is why she looks at me like im crazy! :)

Also, Do these look like white Orpingtons?? We were originally told Buffs but they turned white! The were a week old when we got them on Mothers Day 2014.

Do they protect their flock like i have read? what are the benefits of having a Rooster around ( besides attachment to the poor thing since we raised him)

Thanks everyone for your help!
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Can you get a nice side shot showing the whole bird tip to tail with legs included? Seeing the overall structure will help with what it may/may not be both in gender and breed.
This is all i have right now ( im at work) this is all of the same one, Snow...just some are form when she was younger. Hope this helps

Those last two are older.

Thanks again!!
I dont think its a rooster, I think its an early maturing female, its about 17 weeks if born mothers day. My leghorn cross was laying at 16 weeks, so its possible.

But better full side shots will really clear it up.
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I will get good side pics in the morning. Thank you guys.there is just a drastic difference between Snow and her two sisters. As far as breed goes, someone said I may not know for sure until one lays an agg and we see egg color. Are there any other distinctive characteristics between leghorn and other white breeds?
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