I think my chicken is transgender...


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Apr 24, 2016
San Diego, Tx
OK, I'm fairly certain this is a Buff Brahma bantam pullet but, she seems to think she's a rooster. I have a Welsummer rooster so she's not doing this in the absence of a proper rooster, she does it whenever he crows.

Am I confused, or is she?

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Can you post better pictures? I'm fairly certain that's a cockerel - in the video I think I could see the darker color in the wing bar that only cockerels get. Plus of course the crowing. How old is it?

Also if you didn't know your dark brahma off to the side is a cockerel too.
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Which one are you calling a dark brahma? I think 1 and 2 are Cochin Bantams. 3, 4 and 5 are Cuckoo Marans. 6 and 7, I have no idea. I know 6 is a cockrel but haven't a clue as to his breed and nobody here has been able to identify him for sure yet either. I'm waiting for him to finish feathering out.

They're all about 3 months old now.

The one way to the right with the feathered feet is a dark brahma cockerel - the one you have labeled in that picture as 7.

Yeah I'm almost 100% positive that the buff brahma is a cockerel. Closer pictures would help but pullets don't crow at three months old - cockerels certainly can though. Plus he's got the darker colors coming in in his wing and saddle, which is a cockerel-only trait. Plus with the still shot I can clearly see sickle feathers coming in in his tail - another cockerel-only trait.
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Here is a better picture of the Buff Brahma

The Welsummer cockrel

I think this is a Cochin? Not sure what the color would be called, and it's now starting to look like a cockrel? I'm not sure.

Another Cochin, I think. I really hope this one is a pullet, I think it is. It's one of my favorites.

The little cockrel that nobody has been able to identify yet.

This is a Dark Brahma? Looking at some pictures, I can see it now.

The bantams were straight run assorted so could be anything. I hope I don't have 4 (or more) cockrels in them, I only have 12 total and that Welsummer was supposed to be a sexed pullet. I'd hate to have to eat 1/4 of my chickens, I know there's no way I'm going to be able to have them all get along if they've only got 7 or 8 hens in the flock. I'm already seeing some aggression in them.
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The Buff Brahma is a cockerel. The Dark Brahma is a cockerel. The Cochins are both pullets, a Birchen and a Blue. The red one is a Rhode Island Red cockerel.
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The Buff Brahma is a cockerel. The Dark Brahma is a cockerel. The Cochins are both pullets, a Birchen and a Blue. The red one is a Rhode Island Red cockerel.


It's not necessarily the roosters fighting you have to worry about, it's the hens getting overmated. With 7 or 8 you could keep one cockerel and might be able to get away with two. If you add some more hens you could keep more if you wanted. I regularly keep 3-4 roosters with my hens. As long as there are enough hens to avoid overmating, it all works out fine :)
We were planning to chance it with 2 roosters and 10 hens and see how it went. The RIR is a sweet boy and doesn't really bother anybody. He does a good job of playing watch out. The Buff Brahma is a bit of a jerk and likes to bite so, although a very pretty bird, it wouldn't bother me too much to cull him. If we have to decide between the Welsummer and the Dark Brahma, I'm not sure which would win. My wife really likes the look of the Dark Brahma but, we've got 2 Welsummer hens so if we were going to hatch anything, we'd want the Welsummer.
Sounds like a dilemma. Your way or her way. . . . Happy Wife, Happy Life

I always thought that was a funny axiom because the flip does not hold true. It goes more like Happy Husband, Who Cares? LOL

Her way would be to keep them all, I don't think that'll be possible without tethering some of the cockrels and she won't be in favor of that either so we'll just have to thin them out. She'll be equally upset no matter which ones get the boot, she's attached to all of them.

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