I think my chicks are pecking at their sister

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9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
One of four babies who are about 2.5 weeks has a bald spot on her head about 1 cm. in diameter. I was spending some quality time with this chick just a couple hours ago and her head was fine, so it must have happened recently. These chicks were hatched together, nothing in their living situation/feed/etc. has changed and all are healthy.

The bald spot is just bald. It's not red or bleeding or anything. Is it most likely that another chick pecked at her? Wouldn't it look red? Do I need to separate her?
If they are not still pecking she should be fine. Just keep a keen eye on her to make sure they are leaving her alone. If they don't you will want to separate till that spot clears up and hen you can reintroduce. Usually if they peck and make bald spots they will keep at that spot but blood makes it worse. A red brooder light would help that problem as well. You can usually.find them at wal mart pretty cheap.

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