I think two of my chicks have a breathing problem!!

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    Apr 5, 2012
    1.) It is a Brahma about a week or two old, and Easter Egger about a week old.
    2.) The Brahma is sneezeing and same as the Easter Egger is too. And they both are have a sound like water in there chest or nose. And the Easter Egger has the runs too.
    3.) The Brahma started sneezing two days ago and the Easter Egger haven't sneezed but my Phoenix has been sneezeing for a week, which is about two weeks old.
    4.) Yes there are others started to showing the same symptoms.
    5.) No there isn't any injuries or trauma.
    6.) I think the brooder was a little cold i have the temp at 80 der.
    7.) They been eaten med starter food and i started putting electrolytes in the water about two days ago.
    8.) There poop is runny and light brown.
    9.) I haven't been nothing more since i don't know what to do.
    10.) I would like to take care of them myself but if they need to go to the vet then i well.
    11.) There is no pics for this because its a sound thing mostly.
    12.) I'm useing a 20 or 25 gal. tube with a heat lamp hanging on the top. There bedding is pine chips that i clean every two to three days.

    So I'm worried about them, this is my frist time since i was a kid with chickens. Please help me save my new babies.

    Momma Han of five sweet peeps.
    Cheryl Miner

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