I was reminded today about how good my eggs are

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I've been eating them for a while now, and they started to seem just "normal".

So I went to my mom's today and she was making scrambled store eggs. They didn't even look like eggs to me. They looked icky.

I'm so glad I'm spoiled with my yummy eggs!!!!!!
Oooh and the cookies I made yesterday with them are SO GOOD!!
Me too! I cracked open some to check fertility and made a HUMONGOUS omelette with stewed and then pan fried pork, sautee'd mushrooms, onions and peppers, cheddar cheese, a cold fresh tomato, and a half a cold avocado sliced in there last minute, seasoning and I didn't even take a pic because I was so embarrassed about how big it was. I ate the WHOLE THING too! I have not had an omelette like that in months! I wish I would have had some fresh herbs to put in there too... oh well, sometimes we just have to make do...
You all are killing me...I am storing my 1 freshly laid egg for this weekend

Nothing since Wednesday.

We quit buying/eating store eggs last year, our neighbor is supplying us a dozen for $3.

I want more free eggs

Yes, you both are right...NOT free

I've spent hundreds of dollars to get free eggs!

Saying they are free helps me feel better about the time and $$ already spent

No kidding!!!! I think mine are about $6 a piece.

And don't even ask how valuable my chicks are going to be that I'm going to start hatching tomorrow.

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