I Went To The Light Brahmas

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    I ordered 30 hens & 3 roosters & 7 of them have died after they turned 3 months old i would go in the morning to feed them & i would have a dead one & then it may have been a week & i had another dead one & this went on till i had lost 7 & it's been a while since any have died the thing i dont understand they were eating good & crinking water & they were very active with the others & boom i started to lose them one by one I have built a brand new hen house & just as soon as i can afford another Digital Camera i will post pics of my new Pen & Hen house does any one have a idea as to what is going on with my Light Brahmas I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE ANOTHER ONE OF MY BELOVED LIGHT BRAHMAS . Oh i ordered them from Cackle Hatchery on the 3rd of June & they arrived on the 20th of June
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    Sorry for your losses. Find a vet to consult with and be sure to feed them food that's appropriate for their age.

    Avian vet search links:

    If more die you should have a necropsy done or do one yourself:


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