I will never wax my armpits again.

I would never even think of doing that..
Leave it to you..
well i tried to wax my legs, but there's so much LEG, and it hurt! So i figured I'd do my armpits, smaller surface area right? Over in a minute, right? WRONG. and I think i pulled a muscle in my neck trying to stare into my armpit. I am totally stupid. how on earth do people wax other things? I knew a guy who used to wax everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING... I can't even imagine.
Ouch!! Thanks for sharing... I have now laughed until I had tears in my eyes!!!!!!!! I actually think the whole process is an evil plot invented by some terrorist organization. I've tried it too and will NEVER, EVER do it again.
When we lived in Miami 1990 or so we had a neighbor from Italy who waxed her legs and I started waxing mine. Not so bad and I did it every couple weeks. Well she talked me into trying my armpits. I am in the bathroom and I apply the wax. Well shortly thereafter I am yelling my husband and three boys are trying to break down the door because they think I am dying. I thought I would never get the wax off. Never again. It was as bad or worst than giving birth to a 9 pound 6 ounce baby!!!
I can live with the brows... every coupla months... but it's the LIP that kills me. I think that's due more to the skin that's ripped off than the hair, but it's just a theory.

Seems to me an armpit would be a pretty wrinkly place, particularly compared to a calf... I shudder at the thought.
Holy OWWWW! I feel as if someone has beaten my armpits with a wire whisk for an hour. holy mackeral. never, ever again.

I've done my legs, and had my bikini line done but
Someone needs to be able to hold the skin real taunt
I....can..imagine....the ....pain​
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