I wish posters would update on their threads they started about chicken illness....

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    Hey all,

    I'm posting this here because it relates to this section of the forum...

    I'm not a moderator here, and I don't know if this is rude or not- I don't think so, otherwise I would not post, but...

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE and let the readers know what happened to your chicken after you post about it here. I would assume that a chicken has died if there is no follow up, but for the sake of learning, it would be very awesome if you posted what happened. Any details shared is great. It helps those who are trying to diagnose as it may give clues and also give information on maybe what to expect to happen to your chicken if it shares the same symptoms.

    I realize that some are here simply to get help, but for those of us who are trying to learn, so that we CAN help, its really hurtful when you read 3 or 10 thread pages of information then at the end met with absolutely NOTHING on what else occurred, what helped, or what ensued after your last post. So..

    In essence, this post is a PLEADING with all of you posters out there, please update and give details, even if you lost your bird. I know that can be difficult, but by posting here the details of what happened you are helping others.

    My apologies again.. its just that I keep finding threads that are left hanging and its so frustrating when you have a chicken that is sharing the same symptoms and you can't find any other information about it except someone's unfinished thread. Just don't 'stop'. Let us know what happened!!!

    Thank you.


    the inquisitive chicken keeper
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    Me too.

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