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    Quote:OMG, that isn't really my truck/camper! [​IMG]

    I knew that , I've seen pics of your gorgeous motor home that I drool over.

    I was "trying" to be funny.....
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    Quote:Jake, If that is true, it's just within your flock. Here is a pic I posted earlier of Brynja's fan-like crest. She has a single comb and I have a few others that do too. Many more rose combs among both sexes for me, but both my roosters and one hen are rose combed and one of my hens has a single comb. I have noticed that the two single comb cockerels (that is 2 singles compared to the 9 roses) don't have any crest though.........this is not true for my pullets.....I have crested single and rose combed. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed any pattern with crests and combs?

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    Hi Mahonri

    I have way too few chickens to try to determine trends yet, [​IMG]

    In another year I think I will see some trends, and have a better feel of the operative genetics. I know that my own preferences will load the results, crests, size, variety of colors.

    I am just noticing some of the differences as the few I do have mature. Its fascinating to watch them grow and develop. I have my roos down to four keepers, for a dozen pullets. One of them might get side lined next spring, we'll see. I am going to drop off a pair or trio (Reverse) enroute to Wa, which will leave me with a dozen pullets, and the four roos. Right at half of the pullets are crested, and 3 of the four roos are, only Isison is a single comb, Blau and the other two are crested, a small white with black splashes roo, and one former chipmunk with spashes of red in him, and he is also the largest of the young group.

    The silver chick of the last group that Mary sent is a self blue, or silver, right down to the skin, she is also crested. One of the three tamest, the other being the blue wheaten and a cream wheaten. All three cluster around my feet when I put my 5 gal pail in the run and sit and watch them, they seem to like the petting, the cream wheaten settles down and sits if I pick her up and stroke her. The other two arnt as comfortable as she, dont fight but they are tense. The big young roo is also the tamest roo.

    It really is fascinating to see them all develop, Blau is by far the splashiest colored one, and looks like true royalty with his fringes of gold overlaying his other attire. [​IMG]

    Mary I was hoping that was your pickup [​IMG] its neat ! At one of our craft fairs here one of the vendors had the other extreme in that genre, he had a camper that was a very classy log house, beautiful craftmanship and trim . The tail gate portion was a porch. All beautifully done. [​IMG] It was on a beefed up big pickup.

    Your fairs there have some pretty gross munchies. [​IMG]

    Our hot weather got a reprieve last night with a nice long rain, its been 90s for a week, and that is forcast for the coming week, the temps are fine with me but with our sandy soil it means handwatering the gardens. So at least a day or two before I do the garden water brigade again.

    Life is good, and better with Icelandics [​IMG]
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    My pullet, Briet, has a single comb and a crest.
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    These silly chicks are only a month old and they are flying up to roost over 2 feet off the floor. Little itty bitty CHICKS! I have a short roost near the floor that they bypass. I must get a picture.
  6. The Sheriff

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    Quote:Yep, get a picture! Tiny Dancer and the blonde chick are trying to roost too. They are so little. Walnut, the little chick abandoned by Skye at about 10 days old likes to sleep with Lucy. Lucy always roosts on the board that keeps the shavings from falling out the coop door. Of course I have to move her so I can close the coop door. For about three nights in a row, every time I picked her up to put her where she belongs, that baby would fall out from under her wing! Once from about 3 feet off the ground! Now it waits for me to move Lucy then gets up on Lucy's back and snuggles in her feathers. Lucy gets really confused and keeps twisting her head to see what is on her back, but silly girl can't see! She's blind. I need to get a picture too!

    Edited to add: I have a broody! One of my peach, white and black girls has been in a nest box for a week without any eggs. I don't know if she is even laying yet. She's in the top, middle box which no one uses so she's not getting any assistance from the other girls. I broke down last night and gave her three eggs. That will probably be the thing that gets her off the nest! We'll see. She's really a pretty broody. I need a picture of her too!
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    YAY for your broody girl! Yes, get pictures! Blind Lucy must be very tolerant! Sounds like a sweet girl. [​IMG]

    I currently have 2 broodies I have not broken......... a very young BCMarans and a Silkie. I might give in and give the Marans a few eggs. Maybe..... I no longer have my broody buster pen, as it is full up with grow out chicks! It is just so dang hot, I hate for them to sit. I might move her into the garage where she won't be disturbed. I dunno.....
  8. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    My post-Easter Icelandics like to roost ON TOP of the the Little Tykes house, rather than inside it on the roosts.

    One looks suspiciously like a sneaky Stella.
  9. kathyinmo

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    Good grief! Kola just wants to scare me to death, I swear! She is so tame, she doesn't even move when I walk near. I thought sure she was dead!

  10. kathyinmo

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    Just enjoying a dirt bath....... [​IMG]



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