Idea Names for my rooster and hen


Dec 7, 2017
If y'all don't mind sharing a few names to help out.......

I have a little black bantam hen, she's really tiny but full grown, and then I have a multi coloured rooster he is an Old English Bantam.(and very pretty)
I haven't thought of any names for them and need ideas from you guys. :)

I have three other chickens with names such as, Ninja, Russel and Little Man. (I know too many roosters for one hen, I am getting some more hens in about a week or two)

Ideas Will be greatly appreciated. :)
And who knows I may just pick your suggestion. :)
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Hen: Ebony, Gianna, Zelda, Rain, Leah
Rooster: Apollo, Fabio, Cedar, Ndele, Matadi

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