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  1. Has anyone used them? How did your chicks do? I ordered 12 d'Uccles and rec'd them on thursday. As of this morning, *7* are dead, along with 2 of the 'packing peanuts'(extra chicks) those don't seem ike very good odds to me [​IMG]. This is not my first time with chicks and I didn't do anything different than I have ever done. [​IMG] I plan on calling them this morning as this just doesn't seem normal....I ordered from them once before but it was through my feed store and I got 6 chicks and they were all fine. DO you think this is just a fluke?

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    Shipping is hard on chicks.

    Just got ten chicks this past Friday and all of them were doing so well today. Chirping and alive! This would be my third or fourth order I've had from Ideal and they did a good job! Do expect losses at any given time when chicks are being shipped.

    It is just the heat, the distance they have to travel and how the post masters handling the packages is what really stresses them out.
  3. do you think even though they didn't die all at once, its just they got too stressed? Poor things [​IMG] There were 2 I wasn't sure about as they both had one eye that seemed swollen and they couldn't open it and then the next day they were dead. Then 2 were super small and never seemed to grow like the others seemed to. The last 3 I found dead this morning simply seemed to die in their sleep [​IMG] Ugh. I can't take it!
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    Shipping stress I am certain.
  5. Thank you. I was worried something might really be going on. Not that this makes losing them easier, but at least they are/were not sick. Is there anything I can do to ease things for the remaining chicks? I don't want to lose them all [​IMG] As it is we don't mess with them except to give them food and water, I have had my kids leave them be instead of holding and snuggling them as they normally would...
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    I ordered chicks from Ideal last week as well. When I got them 8 were dead [​IMG] and several more were sick. I have ordered many times before and never had a problem this bad before. They are sending me replacements this week and credited me on some others. I talked to the post office and they say it is really hard on chicks to ship when its warm. I honestly don't think it was Ideal's fault and they've been great about funding me back my money and getting me some replacement chicks.
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    You might be happier with the results if you wait until fall for a reshipment.

  8. Yeah, I think I will call them and see what they want to do. I don't want replacement chick at this point, as I am trying to have mine all ready to be outside by fall...I always try to do chicks in the early spring but I got all messed up this year due to my daughter wanting the d'Uccles... [​IMG]
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    You'd better let them know. I ordered 5 chicks and they arrived with 11 extra males for warmth. They are currently 2 months old, and only one of the extra males died shortly after we got them. I had an excellent experience and even called them several times for advice. Not sure what happened with your order, but they'll probably be open to working something out with you. I will definitely order again in spring from them cause I was impressed with their service and company. Let them know, and I'm sorry for your losses [​IMG]
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    Ideal is in TX, I live here as well, we have been at 105 degrees everyday for the past few weeks. It is terrible that chicks are being shipped in this heat, unless you use next day express and find a post office to pick up at for guaranteed delivery, but even that may not ensure the little ones are sitting on a hot truck.

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