ideas what cross this little hen is (photo)


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Mar 6, 2008

we recently adopted some adult chickens. I am a bit curious what cross this little girl might be..?
I was told by the gentleman we got her from that she was mostly likely a cross of a cochin x ameraucana

I noticed on some sources the coloring pattern she carries might be close to what is called 'cinnamon' coloration?

Rosey has pretty soft dense tight feathering and has nearly clean legs except a few small feathers outer leg near top of foot. (only a few)

I would guess her weight being close to 4 lbs...(have not weighed her she is very shy)
she lays a greenish colored egg...(great layer 5-6 a week) well I guess its greenish

here is her egg compared to our other hens. (her egg is the upper right hand one)


here is the little hen

front view and side body profile.



thank you look forward to learning what others think.
oh thank you for the compliment!

okay a wheaton color strain. thank you

okay I did not think she looked much like photos of ameracaunas *her body shape wings tail everything is different* but I dont know breeds too well yet.

oh i'm sorry her egg is not blue...its the greenish hue one in the photo.
I will have a look at inside one I open up. though if memory serve right I think its white inside.

would inside shell coloring give a clue as her breed?

thank you a bunch guys!
thank you guys

well I search around a bit and did find another user on here who has nearly identical hens. wow everything is so close *coloring body ect*

well she kindly shared that her girls are "Buff Orpington X Ameraucana"

guess that would be good assumption for Rosey as well...except shes smaller and has a few little feathers on her tops of feet. so perhaps she has some feather footed bantam in her genes somewhere in addition.

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