Sep 1, 2019
Hi, this is my first post and I'm a new user so forgive me if I didn't write this properly. Open to suggestions to improve.

I have 2 female silver quails about a year old and 1 one them bullied the other when I first got them. I had them in my bird cage temporarily until I bought a big cage for them.

The other quail has started taking feathers off the other quail and seems to be limping, unable to use her right leg. I have called a few vet centres near me & one of them even said that the ill quail could actually be a male? But the look exactly the same except the ill quail is slightly small than the other one. I've separated them for now & given the ill quail some medicine in her water & given her a warm bath.

What should I do regarding the quail with her not being able to use her right leg? Thank you.
Hi, good morning. I am not an expert.. the experts are still sleeping :)
First - it is good that you have separated them. 2nd - you can easily sex them and see which one is female and which one is male. 2 females would rarely fight with each other, so it is more likely that they are two males, but again, please google "vent sexing quail" and see how to check who is who. At 1 year of age females should be laying eggs, so if you do not have eggs yet, then I would doubt they are females.
Then - please give us a picture of that leg - please check if it is swollen anywhere, especially around the joints. Is it stretched back?
Are they button quail? Some of the silvers can be difficult to sex. Since that may be the root of the problem, can you post pictures of both from the front and the vent area underneath. Males may or may not have a bib, but they should have salmon/pink colored feathers on their vent. A picture of the injury or even a video would be helpful for us to see what the problem is. Have there been any changes in their environment or feed lately?

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