I'm a newbie mallard duckling mom now!


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May 30, 2020
Hi! My name is Prima. At the end of April last month, I discovered a wild mallards nest in the bushes of our yard while gardening. There were 7 eggs in her clutch & she began incubating on April 30th. I placed a wireless cam by her nest & caught all her comings & goings. Everything was fine for a couple wks until a possum found the nest. It ended up eating 3 of the eggs & damaged a fourth. Ultimately the mother abandoned the nest as the possum kept coming back. I rescued & hatched the 3 remaining eggs successfully using my own DIY/homemade incubator & a lot of reference to the forums on this site. The members here are super helpful & I'm happy to be part of this community!
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Hello, Prima, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
What did you do with the wild Mallard ducklings?
I have them in a brooder I made with a plastic tote in my room. U went to Tractor Supply, bought a bunch of necessities (non-med starter crumble, brewers yeast, bedding, etc.) I can't seem to get them to figure out how to properly eat the crumble using water to wash it down. The just eat straight dry crumble. Should I make a mash for them to start?
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You can make a wet mash for them. They will eventually go from food to water and back. That is when the real mess starts. :)
thank you! So I've heard...Re: THE MESS! Lol
As I'm sure I'll have a lot, what's the best place to ask other questions, i.e. Chats? Or start a new thread in the forums?
Before I go tho, one more quick one of you don't mind- The ingredients in brewer's yeast I bought (from a country co-op & livestock feed store) seems to have other aadditives like calcium carbonate, "Enzyme pack", & Sodium Silico Aluminate...I assume the calcium carbonate would be fine, but the sodium silicon aluminate is an anti-caking agent? Do u know if these are safe for them? or would you suggest I try to find another pure brewers yeast instead?

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