I'm afraid it's Coccidiosis! HELP! PLEASE!!


5 Years
Sep 29, 2014
Hi. I'm new. I have chickens 6-7 mo. old most have started laying but last week they I found one dead. Now the others are sick and one more has succumbed. I'm heart sick. I've done lots of reading, all their symptoms look like coccidiosis. bloody, light colored poo, weak, lack of appetite,thirst, pale combs, ect, etc. OF course it was Friday but I did get Corid and started that in their water then, added garlic and ACV, cleaned and cleaned. Added DE to the ground, anything I can think of. This morning one looks like she may not make it but the others seem to be improving. They are talking again, eating greens I give them. Egg production is almost gone. What should I do???? I don't know if I need to call the vet, don't want to spend a ton of money to tell me what I've done and lose more money. What does an analysis cost of the poo? Should I have a dead hen checked? Are the eggs safe to eat? Will my cats get this or even us? They were so healthy and happy. I gave them a big batch of peaches that were too soft to process and I'm wondering if it came in on them, can fruit flies be carriers and make them sick? Thank you for responding.
Very often when chickens are sick they will not drink enough of the medicated water, you have to get an eyedropper or a needless syringe and give them the water, every couple hours or as often as you can that first day or so until they feel better and start drinking well on their own. I would not put anything else in the water with the Corid, no garlic, no ACV. If you want to use those things after treatment that's fine but it's best not to add things that could have the potential to chemically interact with the Corid.

Yes you can have a fecal sample tested by a vet, they usually run any place from $15.00 to $50.00 depending on the vet. That will tell you if you still have an overgrowth of the cocci protozoa. You can also have a necropsy done by your state lab, some states do them for free. That is another good way to get answers.

The eggs are safe to eat, there is no withdrawal when using Corid.

The cocci protozoa that infects chickens are species specific, you or your cat's won't get it from them.

The protozoa lives in the soil so it's always present and you can't eradicate it from the environment, it's not from the fruit you fed them. Chickens generally develop resistance to the strains that are in their environment but they can still come down with a case of it.

I would just start giving the medicated water to the very sick one and see if she improves in a day or so. You may still loose this one, once they have a certain level of damage from the cocci it gets very hard to save them but if you can get more of the medicated water into her she might make it.

If you have the liquid Corid you can give her a drop or two in her beak, undiluted. Then continue giving it to her mixed with water as usual. If using the powder, mix it in the stronger strength at 2 teaspoons per gallon and give that to her by syringe.
Thank you so much for answering, I so appreciate it. I think we have a turn around. They are improving and what a joy that is to see. I have 9 left. Still a little peeked and slow but I think they all are ok. Thank you for all your answers. My vet wouldn't do a fecal sample without a $62. exam. I think there is a long delay in posts? I watched all day yesterday and didn't find your note till this am. Thank you. Thank you.

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