I'm looking to buy a new chicken house - which material is best to avoid red mite?

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    The coops are solid - in fact they’re far stronger than the conventional wooden coops sold here. There’s no way a Fox could eat or get in my coop! Door handles are robust. When everything is locked up, ie the walk in run that then leads off to the coop a fox cannot even tunnel in as there is a skirt firmly secured around the whole thing. I have an electric fence as the final protection as the hens spend most of their time outside the walk-in run. If I’m going to be late home I bribe them into the walk in run and lock it closed. When I return I simply have to close the coop door, but I always say night,nights!
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    Jan 1, 2018
    I have always used a wood coop. The key is to whitewash everything before you put them in it. And, to use hay instead of straw. Thie mites will hide IN THE straw..hence the name. Where as hay doesn’t do that. There are a lot of great recipes for white wash. I’ve always done that for years, and I just don’t have the mite problems.
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