I'm so clueless (lots of pics)


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Jun 9, 2010
I'm a first time owner (momma) to 3 baby chicks, they was given to me after they hatched for a 1st grade schools science project.
I have no idea what breed or sex any of these babies are.
There age Im not 100% on I would guess about 4 to 6 weeks of age maybe
I am posting there photos in groups.
These are of Dos (I named them Uno, Dos, Tres)
Dos got his feathers first, I suspected he may be a Roo because he walked head held High an his tail feathers came in fast and large but this is the only one that really enjoys being held, also gets chased by the biggest chick,

These ones are of Uno she is the biggest chick and loves to chase the other two also hates to be held but will let me pick him/her up. I started thinking she may also be a Roo due to the comb starting to become red and red spot near the beak
Also has feathers on her legs an feet

Here is pictures of Tres, she is the smallest and the loudest. She hates to be held an I believe she is a hen. also feathers on her feet'

Now here are photos of them together

left to right Dos, Uno and Tres

Left is Uno right is Tres

I do think I will change Tres name to Martha for some reason everytime I pick her up an she yells at me I think MARTHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING? im weird I know but I keep thinking that so she sorta named herself Martha lol,
Also glad to have came across this site, I feel in love with these 3 babies I had no idea how funny chicks are especially taking dust baths.
Very rewarding pets. (These three will never be ate there offsprings will be)

So any idea of what breeds or sex they may be?


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Feb 23, 2009
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All I could do is guess...
But I wanted to wish you luck on that eating their children plan.

The first time you fight off a six foot snake from the nest of a broody that is in the process of hatching eggs right that minute...
Or when you have one in an incubator that is going to die unless you help it out of the shell...and you do, and when it is three days old and screams at you from the other room wanting you to come tuck the washcloth around it, and pat it on its back at which time it goes to sleep....(I think it thinks it is being tucked under a wing) I have one of those.
Or one gets pasty butt and you wash its little bottom with warm water and a Q-tip three or four times a day...
Or you have one stuck in the turner and its little leg is caught and you manage to get this wet, limp, five minute old, half ounce chick out OK and you say to yourself that it looks like it is (fill in the blank)'s chick...
Or one has poor little curled up toes and this emergency is handled by band aids...and you cure it.

And Walmart is still selling chicken parts for 49 cents a pound...
I wish you good luck, seriously...with that eating them plan.

Me, I bought a fishing pole.


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May 7, 2010

Welcome to BYC!

Everyone here is great, and very knowledgible.

I'm a newbie too, but have learned a few things(and please if I state something wrong I hope someone will set me straight):

1) Feathers on legs don't indicate gender only possible breed types.

2) Early feathers usually indicate girls not boys, esp. tail feathers.

3) Early combs and waddles (esp. bigger, red ones) indicate boys.

4) The aggressor or the one doing the chasing ( if consistantly one bird) is probably a male.

5) The boys tend to "stand tall" and more upright than the girls.

I hope someone can shed more light onto the breeds and gender for you.




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Jun 9, 2010
Sorry when I said about the feathers I didn't mean to seem like that would say the sex. I seen in other post people asking if there was feathers on the feet or not and wanted to make sure my post was as detailed as possiable.

Also my husband bets I wouldn't eat a single chicken because my heart is to big for all living creatures (I cry if a spider is killed even thou I'm scared of them) he said I will just end up with a backyard of pets.
(I think he is right) lol


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Well, they're all chickens, and at least one of them is a girl, and there might be a boy in the mix, too.

The one with foot feathers is probably a Buff Brahma - but that's JUST a guess! I think all three of them are "mutts" - mixtures of various breeds.

I think you may be right about Dos being a cockerel, but know that some pullets also get combs pretty early, too.

I just wanted this to get some more attention from people who DO have a clue!


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Oct 28, 2009
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Quote:Lol ... I planned on eating mine too ... Never going to happen i can tell you

Sorry StormPixie I cant help for certain .. new to them too
..but there looks like the first 2 are roos and the third is a hen ...pure guess though sorry
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Nov 10, 2009
My vote is for Uno being a roo and the other two pullets. In the last picture Uno's comb looked a little red and there appeared to be some wattles developing early.


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Jun 9, 2010
I can't wait for them to get older so I will know for sure.
I think Uno is for sure a Roo, the comb is red now (more then the others) and there is the wattle developing. He also has
what looks like two red disks by his eyes (my son said it's ears)
I think tres is a pullet I've been calling her Martha!
And Dos is still my baby but a mystery as to the sex lol.
I'm still putting them up in the nursery at night because I'm still a bit scared to leave them in the hutch/run all night!

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