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    May 1, 2011
    I have been so very jealous of all of you that have LGDs. I have 4 dogs, all of which would eat my chickens and lick their chops thanking us for a good meal. 3 akitas and 1 shiba inu. I have 2 male akitas and 1 female. Although the one male would probably lick the chickens to death, he is still not allowed anywhere near them.

    That being said, it leaves all predator prevention, detection and taking care of to my DH, DS and myself. They will bark and go crazy when something is near and when they are out in their kennels, I've never had a hawk problem. The shiba will even bark and 'point' to a chicken if it hasn't gone to roost with the others. But, that is it.

    Until, tonight.......

    Upon hearing the female akita having a barking fit, this is not unusual since she barks at everything, I went out to investigate. All chickens were locked up for the evening so the oldest male akita was out running in the dog yard. It is fenced. I called and called but couldn't find him. Imagine my surprise when here he comes, trotting down the wrong side of the fence, just as pretty as you please...head high, neck arched, tail tightly curled and wiggling like crazy, and man was his gait dead on!!! Shame I can't get that same response in the show ring! As he came into the light, I noticed the reason for his 'big man' gait and stance! Dangling from his mouth was a full-grown possum!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I yelled for my DH...cause I had no idea how I was going to get his prize from him. I said, 'look what your dog brought you'! He was shocked. We opened the gate and he trotted in and right up the yard to show his prize to everyone else still in the kennels!!!

    I am so proud!!! Even though he can't run with the chickens, he is still my LGD :)

    He finally dropped his prize, we brought him in, congratulated him and gave him a very large dog biscuit :) DH then went out, retrieved and disposed of the possum......

    What a night :)
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Good catch!
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    Apr 20, 2011
    Richardson, Texas
    Now.. just give him a dead possom to carry in the showring. I'm sure the judge won't mind! [​IMG]
  4. leadwolf1

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    May 1, 2011
    I love it :)

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