I'm stumped - all my 3yo girls except my Welsummer have been laying for two months. Time to cull?

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    This one has got me stumped. All my girls have been laying eggs for the last two months except my Welsummer. Same feed as always (Modesto Milling layer pellets) + occasional kitchen/garden scraps and the rare cricket treat. This was good enough to keep everyone laying well in the past. Her poop looks fine, bright red face, acts fine, good and healthy. No hidden nests, no egg song - she's always been the loudest when laying.
    She's been doing the egg dance for weeks and shows some interest in the nest boxes - BUT NO EGGS! [​IMG]

    I just don't get it. [​IMG]Any ideas? If she doesn't lay this season, it's the soup pot come September.
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    My welsummer don't lay very well, a few eggs a month, occasionally they will lay in spurts and quit. Most are bred for the egg color, not production.

    At three years old her best days are behind her, most peak by the second season and lays less each year until they stop completely.
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    Probably Welsummers vary by hatchery origin. Mine were from Privett in New Mexico, and they are now in their third season of laying like gangbusters. Daily layers of jumbo red eggs. They're very sweet, too.
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    Well this post put the fear into her because we finally got an egg today! What a joker. [​IMG]

    She's got a sweet temperament too, but was always an average layer at about 3-4 a week. All the other girls are going strong in their third season. I wonder what took her so long???
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    My Wellie girl is kind of a bully and doesn't lay well and her fertile eggs don't develop.......
    .....Wellie cockbird is magnificent and mellow tho and has sired many pullets with Wellie plumage.
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