I'm too old for this RIGHT??

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  1. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
    SW Arkansas
    Hello my name is Kat. I'm 46 years old and I have a secret.
    I can't drive a manual transmisson. [​IMG]
    Maybe I should be specific and say I can't drive the old farm truck. I've got the two tractors figured out just fine. You stop them to change gears.
    If I were meant to be able to handle three different petals simultaneously I'd have been born with three legs, right?
    What's even more fun is that the truck in question has a safety switch on the clutch, so the truck won't start unless you're standing (and I do mean standing!) on the clutch. Due to a weakness in my left leg I can only accomplish this with my right leg. Of course I stalled the truck a dozen or so times.
    Also, the seat in the truck doesn't move forward anymore so I'm basically sitting on the edge of the seat, standing on the clutch. [​IMG]
    This has been my vent for the day after yet another frustrating lesson in being a farm girl.
    Thanks for reading. [​IMG]
  2. Poohbear

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    Nov 12, 2008
    Save your egg money and advertise for an automatic transmission FARM truck in the paper or something like craigslist. Someones always got an old truck that is not roadworthy parked that they would sell for just a little money. No title, too old or just beat up.
  3. Rhett&SarahsMom

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    May 8, 2008

    I learned on tractors. went to a aggie hs and we had some OLD tractors.
    Then I went on to date a guy that had a standard 4wd that we used to go 4 wheeling in. so I had to learn.
    Fast forward a few years and no tractor or standard shift. Then we sold my car and only had dhs little Accent. Stick shift. Amazing how it all came back to me! Now I am craving a stick shift!! I miss it SO MUCH.

    My dream car is a 1967 Camaro convertible with a stick shift. My 69 was a automatic.. and it is just not the same
  4. gritsar

    gritsar Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!

    Nov 9, 2007
    SW Arkansas
    Quote:They would be great if we didn't already have five vehicles between the two of us (not including the patrol car)!
    I suppose I'm gonna have to keep practicing until I get the hang of it; maybe with a pillow for the seat?
    It's either that or put a hitch on my purty little jeep to pull the trailers around with.
  5. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    i cant drive a standard either...i'm 36...[​IMG]
  6. Tuffoldhen

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Kat, I'm older than you (not telling either) lol and I can't drive a standard!! I did use to drive the old farm truck tho and help them in the hay fields, DH would just put it in low gear for me and hope for the best!!!!
  7. Quail_Antwerp

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    Aug 16, 2008
    When I was 16 and got my learner's driving permit, my mother REFUSED to let me drive an automatic! She forced me to learn to drive on a standard shift vehicle. She said if I learned to drive a standard, then I could drive anything.

    Now, 14 years later, I haven't driven a standard on a regular basis. We went to test drive a standard, er I test drove it...Let me tell you, it is NOT like riding in a bike and every standard shifts different.
  8. gritsar

    gritsar Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!

    Nov 9, 2007
    SW Arkansas
    Quote:That makes me feel better. [​IMG]
    It would help if the cows would stop standing right in front of the truck too. Actually I think he's encouraging the cows to stand right where I need to go, just to add a further challenge.
  9. Biddieacres

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Wish I lived closer, I would help you out. It sounds like fun actually, even though I know it must be annoying you. (Especially with a weak leg) It is very annoying to learn but the second you get the hang of it, its fun.

    I remember my brother taught me and took me to the steepest hills he could find and yelled and screamed at me till I figured it out! haha Its funny now but at the time all those directions he was yelling sure made me focus.
  10. Robin'sBrood

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    May 8, 2008
    North Carolina
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