Impacted Crop: Olive Oil Remedy??

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    Jun 15, 2012
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    Hi everyone,

    I think my girl has an impacted crop (I've been torn between egg bound, impacted crop, and sour crop). I felt for an egg and I don't feel anything hard between her legs. I also don't smell an odor indicating sour crop. She's so lethargic and not acting like herself at all. She doesn't free range so I'm not sure how it could have gotten impacted unless I'm not putting enough grit in the food.

    I've read that olive oil is the best for getting rid of an impacted crop. Do I have to soak it with bread? She is drinking water like a fish (literally every five minutes) and she has absolutely no interest in food (I even tried scrambled eggs this morning that she usually loves). I know this is dumb but is there a certain kind of olive oil? Something specific that is okay/safe for her to have? How much of the olive oil should I give her? Could I just put the olive oil in her water? If I do the olive oil how soon should I know whether that's working or not? I read that one person massaged his hens crop and it did more harm than good. When I give the olive oil and bread do i HAVE to massage it? Does my massaging it help it go down? If it's impacted wouldn't it be hard for her to have the bread without like choking on it?

    I'm sorry I have so many questions. I'm still a little new to the chicken world and I would hate for my little girl to die because I'm not familiar with this situation and what to do. Thank you for your time.

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