Impacted with poop 1.1/2 year old White Brahama

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    Aug 5, 2013
    My lovely White Brahma, Big Mama, has been having a very tough week. In addition to a heavy molt, she has a hard abdomen, lowered appetite, and smaller bowl movements.

    I took her to the vet last week and discovered she was impacted with poop. For the past four days she has been on antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and apple cider vinegar (in her water) for elevated yeast. She is pooping a little, but her abdomen is still hard and again her bowl movements are minimal.

    The antibiotics will help with any internal infection she may have, and the anti-inflammatory has been helpful for her discomfort, but I am not sure if I should do anything to help her get the poop out?

    I have read all kinds of information online: baths, oils, soft foods, sugar water....but I am not sure if these treatments are right for my chick. She is rather stressed out and the heavy molt (no more tail feathers) is concerning as well.

    Thank you! (LOVE the support of BackyardChickens!!!!)
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    She should also be on a probiotic. Probios and Gro2Max are good ones. Molasses and epsom salts are used in flushes sometimes to induce diarrhea in poisoning. You might try a few drops of molasses in her feed, but I would be careful not to give too much. A 1/2 ml of caster oil or even some applesauce may also help her go, but only do one thing at a time--do not do all of these or she could get very dehydrated if she develops diarrhea. One thing to remember is that the antibiotics may give her diarrhea. She could be an internal layer or have egg yolk peritonitis, which may be causing her hard abdomen.

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