In need of good advice on a hard decision.


May 25, 2015
Hello and thanks in advance for reading. My heartbreaking problem consists of a peach-headed lovebirs and a parakeet. Any input is welcome.

My wife and I cross-surprised each other with these 2 cuties at our anniversary a year ago. And today, we must give away the lovebird with a heavy heart. I need to know how they will both get affected by this separation.

Here are the facts and questions;
- They lived in separate cages
- They got along like brothers
- Parakeet's POV changed a bit in puberty
- Parakeet always been the tamed, kind one
- Lovebird never stopped trying for more dominance
- We never could trained lovebird properly
- And now lovebird s causing to much problem by both biting and screaming
- We have a baby coming in a couple of months, we cant risk her well being
- What would happen to the lovebird if we gave him away back to the pet shop
- How devastated parakeet would be? He wont be alone in the house tho

Thats our dilemma. Any help is more than welcome.

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The pet store will resell the lovebird. the are very hard to tame. Maybe another parakeet for a buddy ? If you get a mate the parakeet may become mean as well. so one from the same sex seems to be the way to go. You can sell the lovebird for a few dollars back to the pet shop if they will take it. the only other thing is keeping it caged around baby congrats on new baby and welcome to BYC.

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