Incredibly painful heartburn. suggestions the rolaids are not working


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok I almost never have heartburn. Pretty much never unless I am pregnant really. I have been freaking out just positive that it has to be something serious life threatening to hurt this bad. During one of my lucid moments between panic attacks and pain I thought about it. This started when I ate salad dressing yesterday and the same dressing today. I am in serious agony. My tummy is upset as can be, acid coming up. Its so bad my entire chest hurts. Thats after the rolaids.

of course the first step is to not eat the dressing again. I normally don't. I eat one that I make myself but I was lazy the last couple days and used one my parents had in the fridge. i am regretting it. Anyone have any ideas on what will relieve this horrible pain?
I would try prilosec. It's available over the counter. You need to see a doctor, and prilosec works slowly. It will take a day at least to help. Go to a walk in clinic soon! The reflux could be damaging your esophagus.
Mix a spoonful of baking soda in a glass cold water and drink it all down. If the massive burp doesn't take care of it, then call your doctor. Or whoever is on-call for him tonight. "I thought it was heartburn" is a major heart attack cliche, so why take any chances?
I'm actually upchucking acid at this point. My tummy is not happy at all. I might see if my husband can get me something stronger on his way home from work.
If nothing relieves it and you have any other symptoms, go to the ER! Sorry, but Hubby had a Massive Heart Attack in January, he did not have "classic" symptoms, he had "heartburn" , tooth pain, headache...... Better to be safe than sorry.
Ok I had my doubts but the vinegar actually helped. I would have sworn I was about to experience some more severe pain but since I had already read that advice in another place I thought I would be deperate and try it. It did what the rolaids couldn't. wow I still have a little heartburn but the lump in my throat and the constant up and down of acid in my throat is gone.
That was going to be my question

Glad you are feeling better... I used Mylacon (spelling) when I was pregnant and that worked better than anything. I now buy the over the counter heartburn relief (mine is more nighttime acid reflux, but it works the same)
i do still have my gallbladder. I told the doc its mine and she can't have it. seriously I did tell her that. I had a gall bladder attack once. They did a scan and wanted to send me for surgery without a doctor ever seeing me. I veto'd that one. I researched diets and changed mine and have not had any issues since. Another doctor insisted on a scan " just in case" I have no gall stones. She still wants to do the surgery anyway though. This didn't feel like the gall bladder did though.

I feel almost 100% back to myself. I looked at the dressing and its main ingredient is soy bean oil. sounds gross. Like i said I never have bottled dressing. I always make my own oil and vinegar or a spicy avocado one. Its the only dietary thing I did different and it started right after I ate the salad with the bottle dressing. I can't believe how well the vinegar worked though.

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