Incubating ringneck pheasant eggs.

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  1. Hello,
    I just put 40 ringneck pheasant eggs in the incubator. I read that the temp should be 99.4 and to turn them 2x's a day! That all seems so low to me :eek: I am used to chickens! I turn my eggs no less than 3x's and the temp is 99.5 and 100!!! I can't seem to find out much about them (I even googled them) Do I stop turning them?! When?! If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! [​IMG] I want to start these guys off on the right foot [​IMG] I would have just let my hens incubate them but the darn things won't go broody [​IMG] Oh well! If you can help please let me know [​IMG] Thanks!
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    Stop turning at day 21 hatch day 24. I just had 28 blue back pheasants hatch out tuesday.
  3. from

    Chinese Ringneck Pheasant

    24-25 days. Stop turning 22nd day
    Temp: 99.5 (talking egg temp here)
    Humidity 86-88 (wet dry temps)
    Humidity last 3 days 90-94

    (note: Our Ringneck is the Chinese - not a native species)
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