Lauren Kim

Jun 7, 2017
Studying at the Library
My Coop
My Coop
Hello, BYC Community-
I seem to have an angry incubator- it turns on, but stays at 70° F the whole day, which is terrible for my eggs. I looked through the whole manual for the incubator and there was nothing to troubleshoot. No matter how much I switched and changed the temperature settings, it stayed at 70° F. So, since I don't a working incubator, does anyone have any suggestions on how to save my eggs without any incubators/electricity?
You could try and knock up a home made incubator. There should be lots of plans and ideas if you type that into Google. Our first Japanese quail were hatched in a fishtank under an incandescent lightbulb. Our first Chinese quail were hatched under a light after their mother abandoned the eggs when they pipped. Good luck!

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