Indian Runner EARLY!!! Lockdown isnt until tomorrow!!


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Sep 27, 2012
This is my first time hatching. Out of 42 eggs, I have around 30 left. This morning I noticed one of the shells looking like it was pecked from the inside.
I put them in the incubator around 10PM on March 30. Lockdown is tomorrow, however I was going to candle one last time. We opened the incubator and there was one duck hatched, luckily it did not get caught up in the turner. We unplugged the turner immediately, and put the lid back on.
What am I supposed to do?? I still need to get the other eggs off the turner, but am afraid this duckling will get too cold. We have a brooding box set up, so would it be ok to go ahead and take it out, or would it be ok to leave it in the incubator while we removed the turner? I would like to move them all together.

Incubator is a hoverbator 1602N with egg turner, wired a PC fan for the fan. I don't know the humidity, but the temp is 100, it has been going up, and I keep turning it down. Only one tray has water at the moment.
It might be good Idea to take it out. So it doesn't knock all other eggs around. Just my 2cents
well first of all u need to get the turner out asap, but u can not let the eggs get cooled to much, need to hurry and get eggs and the baby back in fill both water spots and drop temp to 98 ish the eggs with be fine with duckling in there untill it is dried off, it will turn fuzzy it is ready for the brooder,it can go for over 48 with out food, however i like to leave mine in for only 24 then take them out

Thanks for the answers!!
We opened it really quick, grabbed the turner out, closed it, took the eggs from the turner, opened the incubator and quickly put them back in, added the water and closed it back up!
Our first born has gotten the name chocolate quackers. At first it looked all dark brown, so there came chocolate! As it is drying, it looks to have some yellow, which is where quackers comes from. (-; we have 1 mallard drake and his name is quackers. We had 7 runners, but something killed 3, that's why we decided to incubate. Of course when the rest hatch, I will probably not be able to tell the difference!!

One more thing, should the fan be off or on? I have read so many different things!!

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