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    Apr 1, 2013
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    Do you have a blueprint that you can make public on your red large coop?
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    Apr 23, 2013
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    Wow! I didn't know hens could have such big combs. Love the floppy look. She definitely looks well on her way to having one. One of my cream legbar pullets has a big comb and wattles already, and I was starting to wonder if she was a she despite her coloring. but they have leghorn ancestry, and now I think I may have a big floppy comb hen on my hands too. Cool!!
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    Jun 25, 2013

    No, he just mowed it because it was tall and he thought he was doing us a service. We had planned on that being the calf's feed for the next 5 months or so. Now not so sure. It was a nice gesture, but not necessarily welcomed.
    I told my husband he could have just mowed our lawn and left our pasture alone....that would have been great. Lol
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    I've been catching up on posts from being gone . . .
    Old Salt~ Your retirement estate and its residents look lovely. Seems like the maintenance man hasn’t quite retired, though. Your feeder is an impressive design. Hope the wet food doesn’t mold, though. The chicken books I’ve read have me worried about mold toxins- and about a zillion other things that can go wrong in chicken raising! Raising three kids was less perilous than raising poultry.

    pipd~ Your hard wired coop just floored me!


    kabyper~ That’s terrible about the hawks! I’m so glad that Blueberry was spared. Where was Gus? Was he trying to impress the ladies instead of watching out for aerial attacks? I’ve heard of BYC people using flags and pennants. If you strung rows of pennants along your acre, people might mistake it for a used car lot!

    Originally Posted by bradselig
    Went to the wolf’s giant swap today. So many puppy mills there, quite sad.

    brad~ I hope you found out some names and turned them in for animal abuse and neglect. People should care for their creatures like you do yours-- the photos were beautiful and I especially admired your Birchen Marans roo.

    EmSteele and vickichicki~ So sorry to hear about the loose vicious dogs, which resulted in the murder Victoria’s roo and attack of Em’s dog. I wonder how many problem dogs were purchased from swap meet customers who impulsively buy a cute puppy when they know nothing about taking care of one or the costs involved.

    Craftychick~ Hope your DH's health has improved. Your hospital experience sounded scary.

    Leah’s Mom~ Seeing photos in the past of your beautiful Swedish Flower Hen is what led me to get a similarly patterned Jubilee orp.


    Originally Posted by Kiniska
    Hey guys, just went to the KY state fair and saw the bantam old English games. They are so stinking cute! I love the ones with the bright golden hackles, red wings, black chest, and the long green tails. Any one on here breed the tiny old English games?

    Kiniska~ If you get bantams, how would you integrate them with your big fluffy orps? Or would you keep them separately?

    MillerBirds~ That’s horrible to come home from a trip to find a disaster. I hope you can find out some answers.
    Originally Posted by ldymelissande
    I have one small problem though, well problem chicken I should say. The one that got named Baldy because of pasty butt. Everyone else is fat and sassy, when I pick this one up there is a prononced bone. Very very skinny bird. I am pulling it off to the side and feeding it irrst, but would appreciate any suggestions to fatten it up better. Oh and I have the feeling that the reason I haven’t heard “him” crow is that I might have miss identified him. Comb has not grown and neither has the tail.
    Idymelissande~ Since I missed a few days, I don't remember where your chicken came from--was it a rescue? Does it possibly have tapeworms? Besides finding that out and getting treatment, you can give it Poly-vi-sol NO IRON children's vitamins or poultry vitamins. Also give it watermelon or "Sav-a-Chick" electrolytes, scrambled eggs, good quality chick food-- just healthful foods only.
    Originally Posted by Thunder Chicken
    My son turns 17 next week. Been through driver’s ed. He can’t get his license until October because he never had interest and we are making him get one. I ask him if he wants to drive and he always says, “not really”. So I have to make him practice. I just don’t get it.

    Thunder Chicken~ My oldest daughter didn’t get her license until she was 18, which was fine with us. You’ve probably read about the research that indicates that teens’ brains are only 80% developed, which affects their decision-making abilities. You should probably be glad that your son realizes that he’s not ready. I think a big reason that kids don’t always get their licenses at 16 is because driver’s ed isn’t normally taught as a part of the high school curriculum as it used to be. Kids/parents have to pay for expensive lessons as well as fit the lessons into their already hectic schedules.
    pginsber~ Funny photos and captions!

    "Does THIS make my beak look big?"
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    Feb 2, 2013
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    Not chicken related, but we went to Warren Dunes State Park on Saturday for the day. The water was 14 ice cubes cold, better than 20 I guess. Came home after that, nobody cut my grass dangit.


    Perfect day to get buried in the sand. At least in the morning, before the sand gets hot!
    Scared quite a few people, they didn't see me until they almost stepped on me lol.

    Kyle cooling off his sister.

    ^^^Above, our 27 MPG Trans Am. Really, it does. Only on the highway, not the city.

    Anybody ever climbed the big sand dune? The very small dots you see on the hill are people getting thier feet burned off getting to the top.
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    Mar 7, 2013
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    Good Morning Everyone, I have been outside for the last several days staining the cabin (which looks so much nicer now) and I just read a LOT of posts. I will get to write about them again when the kids are at school, but I had a funny to share. I think my rooster's crow is broken!! My little bantam roo is a noisy thing and normally crows all day. For the last few days I have been hearing a strange sound in the garden and when I went to investigate, it was the roo. He sounds like a frog croaking now!!! I hope there isn't anything wrong with him or I will feel bad for laughing but its really an odd sound.
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    Jul 8, 2008
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    Looks like fun !!! We have never been there !!
  8. Little Ameraucana Mom

    Little Ameraucana Mom Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!

    Jul 8, 2008
    Greencastle, In
    Poor little guy !! [​IMG] Hope his crow comes back , I bet he is embarrassed !!
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    I haven't been on for like a long time but does anyone want a 5 year old German rottweiler???? She's free she needs to go today so we can keep our home message me if you wasn't more info thanks
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    Mar 7, 2013
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    That's what I was thinking!! The one other roo I kept is an EE named Peanut Butter who is now trying to crow also. Its really comical listening to the one trying for the first time and the one who is broken. LOVING chickens today.

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