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    Apr 9, 2013
    Southern Indiana
    Our pair are from Orschelns in Bedford bit we got the last 2 and they never restocked.
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    May 14, 2013
    Brown County, Indiana
    M2h- i have two that are buff brahma roo over my red sexlink hen but that tiny one is a Sebright roo over a white silkie hen. I can't wait to see what it turns out like.

    Today I was soaking the feet of my hen with the bumblefoot and the scabs loosened up so I ended up using tweezers on her. I got the kernel out of one, not sure about the other foot. I flushed both wounds with peroxide, packed with triple antibiotic and wrapped. What stinks is I noticed the back of her legs were red and even a little hot so I started her immediately on duramycin-10 cause that's all I had. I hope it works! If not I have a friend down here with some leftover injectable amoxicillin. Poor petal. I will check with Leah's mom for more info (thanks btw I need all the help I can get on this one). I wasn't planning on doing that today but it loosened up so much I figured I'd try to get it over with.
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    That because Most native born Hoosiers aren't too bright. In my opinion ONLY! What part in Indy you in? I am on the east side. I was born and raised on the south side. I know they don't have time to go house to house to ask when they are looking for someone. But I do know SOME(not all) Like to get trigger happy when they come across dogs. I don't want to think what would happen if they got spooked by a chicken[​IMG]. I know they have to their job, Something I could never do, I respect them for it. But everytime I(myself personally) Had to deal with cops it has never came out good(such as well we can't do anything to help even though you knew who did it and the person who did it is standing there telling them they did it, well that is what crack heads do, and I guess you live in the wrong part of the neighborhood.) I prefer to handle things myself. I don't have any problems with my neighbor because of it. I told if they have a problem come see me and we fix it. Other than that I don't have a problem with cops, my uncle was chief of police in Pennsylvania( yay! I spelled right).
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    I meant to say most inner city Hoosiers aren't too bright
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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Well my lavender cuckoo bantam Cochin eggs finally arrived! I was getting very nervous that they weren't going to show up and have to wait to get them on Tuesday. However they just got here abut 30mins ago. I've been checking tracking all day. My post office closes at 10.30am on Saturday. So I figured they would be delivered on Tuesday. Well 15 till 5 I rechecked tracking and showed they were delivered an hour ago! After getting poured on by rain locking up the chickens prior and stripping down to my boxers, I was running around outside in my boxers frantically looking for the eggs. I come inside after not finding them getting ready to call the PO. As I just dialed the number, I see the postman pull up! Not only did they NOT call when they arrived at the PO as requested (my postmaster typically calls me before hours and lets me pick up eggs, not sure why they didn't do the same after hours) but also scanned them delivered prior to delivering making me look like a crazy person to the neighbors lol!

    Thankfully they all arrived in great shape. Now hoping for a good hatch!
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    Wow! I sound like the mob or something. I meant to say if they have a problem with me. I was just ranting. I have been having a yard/indoor/bird sale so I can get $28.00 to pay my phone bill. I only had 2 people come and look before the rain and neither one read my sign on the door saying indoor sale, come on in. They look around on the porch at the stuff I had there and then left. It irked me. Then Frizzle my friend's roo wants to mount my foot and follows me around like I am one of his hens. I guess I am the flavor of the week[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Feb 9, 2012
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    1 baby so far!


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    Nov 8, 2012
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    Awesome! I will make good. Will even let you choose black, blue, or splash when the time comes!

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