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  1. Kiniska

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    Nov 8, 2012
    English, Indiana
    That sounds like something I would do Julie.
  2. danand

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    Jan 28, 2013
    Westport In
    Wish you would've vidiocamed it!!!
  3. Crafty chick

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    Oct 16, 2012
    Pierceton, Indiana
    danand~ your eggs are looking sooo colorful :). still waiting on my mille girl to start laying.
    old salt~ you always make me laugh when i read your posts, i needed it!
  4. CRSelvey

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Greencastle, IN

    If they knew what I do about your chicks, they'd snatch them all up. My DH and I were out in the coop and run working all day and my constant companion was one of the chicks. I'm pretty sure she is a she and I found out that somebody pecked a hole in her neck. Could be why she stays so close. It looks like its healing well, but I got some good pics of them today. (at the bottom).

    I finished putting the garden fence back up, got a section of the run hardware cloth up, buried, and covered with mulch, cleaned the inside of the coop, and picked up the garden area as much as possible. It was starting to look like a war zone out there. My dh put up the additional 4 feet of roof (kind of a porch) for the coop, wired in the roofline, and then started on the shingles. I think we will have the shingles complete on the whole thing tomorrow as well as the hardware cloth on most of the sections. I haven't even finished the original plan and I've already started planning the run expansion project. Once this part is done, I will put up a couple of 4x4s to add a 5x16 foot extension on the back of my garden to make a longer sunny area for them. I was watching everyone running around the garden and it just made me sad to think of them all closed up, so here we go.

    Just so you all know, my dh told me I am a little chicken crazy tonight. [​IMG]I said that it wasn't really fair because I talk to a lot of people daily on the BYC page that are as much or in some cases (not pointing any fingers) a little more than me. He said a lot of people use drugs too, but that doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with them [​IMG]. OK, so just to clarify, he has a really wrong sense of humor, so in case you might be offended, please don't. This is the same man that told me to pipe down because he was trying to get some rest while I was in LABOR. He makes me laugh. If not, I'd probably put something in his coffee. He asks me every day if today is the day that I will. Every day I tell him probably not.

    [​IMG]I am pretty sure that this one will turn out to be a boy. Its developing waddles and the others aren't. I wish I knew more about them.

    [​IMG]This is my little love. He/she goes where I go all the time. The hole on the neck isn't pretty but looks to be healing well. I will keep an eye on it.

    [​IMG]This one looks so different from the others (still cute) but I have no idea what it might be either.

    [​IMG]This is Chicken Little. I don't like him, but my son does. He is an Old English Game Bantam (may be a mix)

    [​IMG]These pretty ladies are my Lucy (red sex-link), Nutella (EE), and the two fluffy cochins. I have three, but the other doesn't want to be seen with the first two. They were checking out our work.
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    May 13, 2013
    Lebanon, IN
    When my first daughter was about 1 1/2, she was playing with the neighbor's kids. She fell and was crying. I ran over to her and her mouth was smashed with little red pieces falling from her lips.. I grabbed her up and ran to the car. As I was burning a patch across the yard in my 63 Pontiac, heading for the hospital, the neighbor lady screamed at me to stop. She said "Let me look at her".

    Turns out she had chewed up a red crayon. Emergency averted. Good thing. New dad, I would have gone through Brownsburg at 80 mph and probably gotten us both killed.


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  6. Kiniska

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    Nov 8, 2012
    English, Indiana
    Ahhhhh, what a good papa bear you were.
  7. Leahs Mom

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Northern Indiana
    [​IMG] I think most of us have "been there".

    Makes me wonder how "grandma's" chickens ever survived their first 10 minutes of life since no one probably even gave them a second thought but their broody moms. [​IMG]
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  8. vickichicki

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Ah.. The refined birds... And yes, I do enjoy a spot of tea and crumpets. Although no long a 'spot' of tea when you drink 15 gallons of the stuff a day. As for crumpets... Oh beloved crumpets...I have yet to find 'real' crumpets here. Makes me sad. I have been crumpetless for 10 years now, the tragedy.
  9. vickichicki

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    So all this recent talk about girls crowing makes me feel better about my girls being girls. Thanks for the video Pip. I put a new nest box in the coop as they did not lay in the first one I put in there. Low and behold someone decided they liked it enough to lay their first egg in there, while the other two continued to lay in their usual corner.

    I observed their behaviour after putting the box in and caught Momma mounting one of the other girls. Crowing and now mounting... If it wasn't for the fact I had seen the poor girl suffer three consecutive rooster advances (from three different Roos) and witnessed her cramed into the corner of the ramp and wall to lay her first egg I would say I had a definite boy on my hands.
    Oh chickens, why you be so confusing?
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    May 14, 2013
    Brown County, Indiana
    Lol old salt I love that story.

    Yes it was easier before the internet was so popular and I couldn't look up all the things that could go wrong. I suspect our grandmas chickens were in the stew pot before too much could go wrong. When u start running a chicken retirement home there are so many things that can go awry! Still perhaps I need to relax a bit ;). I bet my chickens think so lol

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