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    danand, I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this!

    Welcome newbies!!! Fastest thread on BYC!!!

    bradselig, use a hen. [​IMG]

    ...........................I just have to say, Broodie poop is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG][​IMG] .............From the depths of hell that stuff is!!!! She did come out and eat and stretch her legs with less effort tonight though. Right before she dumped that awful load. She did it in the barn too. Poor alpacas had no warning.
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    May 13, 2013
    They look like they had fun! ;) My hubby keeps the reigns a little tighter than I do but I'm sure they're finding something interesting to do :)
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    Apr 29, 2012
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    i loved those pics as well! A message has already been sent to the seller asking for more eggs. I will still be looking for more from another source as well, but think I'll have to settle for plain lavenders for diversity. Should still get the same results with chicks.

    haha, I'm too "chicken" to let a broody hatch them. I even have 2 hens sitting on imaginary gets as I type!
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    I agree with you on the roofing. They don't need it unless you don't have enough coop space for the number of birds you have. When there's a lot of snow, I shovel out an area in the run so that I can open the feed shed and the gate without the snow getting in the way. Other than that, I let them be. They do just fine. :)

    As far as water, I used to just refill their buckets as needed, but that becomes tiresome with a big flock. I now have a heated bucket I use that keeps the water just above freezing. A word of caution--you do need to be meticulous to make sure this setup is safe. I unplug and empty the bucket every night and refill it in the morning. I also check the length of the cord for any signs of tearing or fraying and I dust the outlet regularly. I use this outlet year-round for my baby monitor, so it is dusted at least once a month all year, usually more often.

    As we are getting close to that time of the year again, I also feel the need to mention that for a number of reasons, chickens do not need a heat lamp in the colder weather. While you may feel compelled to give them a heat lamp, all this is is an unnecessary fire hazard. Heat lamps can ignite dust--something that is not in short supply in a chicken coop--and bulbs can shatter. Also, if you lose power for any reason, you will have a flock of birds that are not accustomed to the colder weather. Heating your coop is more of a risk than it is a benefit. Here is a great thread with lots of fire safety tips. I recommend anyone new to chickens read this--as well as those that are thinking about heating their coop or even using a heated bucket like I do:
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    Oh, I'm brand new at this and I'm doing it. Just think about it this way, if something gets screwed up, you can blame the hen.

    Lavender is doing really well actually. For a six month old. She is really attentive. You need a broody cochin. She lets me pick her right up and move her if I have to. They are very sweet. She may not be a good layer, but she can sure sit on some eggs. [​IMG]
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    And I'm new too, this year only, and I used a hen. Try it, you might like it! It was pretty much the same way here, she was very attentive to those eggs, and is an awesome mama. She lets me pick up the chicks to take them to their run, she knows I'll handle them with care, she runs right out behind me and into the run, where the chicks proceed to jump out of my shirt once I kneel down.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    i just use a still air incubator. I am gettin worried none of my eggs have even pipped yet. today is day 21. so they could hatch late

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    Dec 3, 2012

    cochins, silkies, and games are usualky really good mothers
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    I have 8 silkie eggs sitting in the coop right now. My silkies are sucking at motherhood. I guess I'll have to incubate. It's a good thing they are cute because they are dumber than a bag of hammers.
    Oh yeah and my silkie roo attacked me today. It was seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen. I stood perfectly still while being pummeled in the ankles by a tiny lint ball. He got picked up and put in his place. I was laughing the entire time. Man I love those little ding bats.
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    I have a sort of double run attached to my coop. There is a gate I can close to keep the chickens off it. Then I will every other month let them on. Well it was open this morning and some how it closed today during the big rain storm and half the flock got soaked. Man were they ticked when we got home. I should have taken a picture.
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