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    Do you want to be listed on the BYC Indiana Members’ List?
    “Being a member of this thread” just means adding your screen name and flock info, which can be helpful because the list is a spreadsheet format that lets you sort the list by breed, county, or other category. It’s an easy way to find other members who have the same breed you have or who live in a nearby county, etc.

    Click on the link below my signature to view the list. Just look at the bottom of the list page for sorting options.

    If you’d like to be added, send me a PM (personal message) by simply placing your cursor over my screen name: Mother2Hens, and you will see “Send a PM.” A personal message ensures that your info is added. Please send your screen name, county, and city. Also include the following information about each member of your flock: List each species (chicken, duck, etc.), breed (Barred Rock, Blue Cochin, etc.), is it a LF (Large Fowl) or Bantam? If you breed, please include the species. bradselig actually adds the info, so you can PM him directly, too-- whatever is the easiest for you. if you have any questions about this thread, please PM Jchny2000 (Janet) who is the founder (thread starter) of this group. Others on our volunteer committee are helping to help~ Quinstar, vickichicki, and CluckAcres.

    Indiana County Map for instant member location/Avatars
    If anyone would like a map of your county, like the one on my avatar, I will be happy to provide one. If someone wants a combo map and a chicken or an animal for your avatar, I can put that together for you, just PM me. When I read posts, many times I think “Now where are they from?” I look at the city and still have no idea what part of the state they’re from. The map icon with the county in red because you could quickly glance and see where the member who is posting is from. These avatars are not required-- they are just a free service if you’re interested.

    If members would like me to change the photo(s) on their avatars, just PM me. Someone might have a picture of a chick that has grown into a hen (or a roo!) and would like to update the photo or someone might like something totally different.

    BYC Indiana Google Map for detailed information
    Cluck Acres (Curtis) set up a Google Map for just us INDIANA BYC’ers. You must first log on to your Google account or make a Google account. (If you have gmail, just use your gmail password). All you have to do is go to this link.... . Here are the directions. You will see the state of Indiana.. Zoom in to where you live and then click on the red button that says Edit. After you click Edit you will see a hand, blue pin point and a zig zag line on the map. Click the pin point and drag it to where you live on the map. After you have placed your pin point then click on it and you can edit your description by adding your county. If you want to change your blue pin point to another icon or upload your own then up on the right of that box click the pin point icon and choose others or upload your own icon. If anyone has problems with this feel free to ask.

    This information is submitted periodically by Mother2Hens
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    running behind this morning. I hope I am not too late for the poultry show
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    I have no cover over the chicken run (64' x 64' too expensive). I had a bad problem with Great Horned Owls some years back, so everybody needs to be inside at night.

    Trying to be nice to my birdies, I built an A-frame roost for the chicken yard. The chickens loved it, but wouldn't go in the coop at night. I had to block the door open and pickup and toss each bird into the coop. After a few nights of this, I took the roost down. Problem solved.

    The elements don't seem to bother some birds. Others head for the coop at the second raindrop. None seem to be the worse for the wear, though.

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    Chickens are creatures of habit, and they'll probably continue to sleep where they're used to sleeping even in the cold weather. If you want them to sleep in the coop, you're going to have to put them inside every night until they get the hint. If your run is secure, though, and you'd rather just leave them be, you could always put a tarp over the top and sides of the run nearest where they sleep, which would give them a wind break and shelter from any snow or rain. :)

    Araucanas are very rare, and I would be willing to bet that you'll actually be receiving Easter-eggers. Post pictures when you get them and I can help you identify them. :) Either way, though, both Araucanas and EEs are sweet. I love my Easter-egger girls and the beautiful blue and green eggs they give me almost every day. They are colorful and no two are exactly alike. Mine are very friendly, but I have read that they can be a little hit-and-miss as to how friendly they are.

    Araucanas come in specific color patterns, only lay blue eggs, and have a very distinct shape. They should be rumpless (which means they have no tail), and about half should be tufted. This is because birds with two tufted genes do not survive past a few days old and most reportedly die in the shell before hatching. Araucanas are therefore usually bred clean-faced to tufted, resulting in a 50-50 split between the two in their offspring. It is possible also to have a tailed Araucana because apparently rumplessness reduces fertility rates, and so some breeders will breed tailed to rumpless and have some tailed birds pop up in their lines. As you might be able to tell, these birds are challenging to raise and breed, and so they are very rare. That's why I expect you will be getting Easter-eggers and not true Araucanas.

    I don't want to go on a huge rant here, but the reason EEs are sold as Araucanas or Ameraucanas (usually misspelled as 'Americanas') is because hatcheries sell their Easter-eggers as such and no one seems to know any better. This is a very 'buyer beware' type of subject--know what the breed looks like and what to look for in an individual before investing in the birds if you want true, pure Araucanas or Ameraucanas. There's absolutely nothing wrong with EEs and as I said, I love mine. They're a lot of fun and have the benefit of being so unique to one another that there's hardly any mistaking them if you're keeping them as pets. :D
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    Just left the Bloomington show. Saw PRBirdhaven and Lil Americauna Mom, but think I was too late to see anyone else.

    The birds were great. I was in awe at the size of some of the Rocks and others. Makes my birds look banty. Nice birds for sale too. A very good way to get quality birds. Nothing for me though. I did see my first La Flèche, but it was a bantam. If it would have been LF, it would be in the car right now.

    Makes me look forward to the Lebanon show. I'll definitely be there first thing.
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    these are two of the chicks, of they are Easter eggers that's just fine, that's what I originally wanted, but was sold these as araucanas, two do look like they have tail feathers. these are iffy....
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    They are adorable little Easter-eggers. :) They look like they'll have lovely, full beards, too! Congrats! :D

    I forgot there was a show today--I wondered why it was so quiet here this morning! :lol:
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    ok, good, didn't know if I was crazy about the tufts coming out the side of the head, lol, but I would love them anyway if they were araucanas, but kinda glad they aren't, but kinda mad I was mislead... grrrrrr.....
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    Aug 14, 2012
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    Huddle together in the coop.....or

    We have 7 chickens. So sometimes yours were covered in snow the next morning, lol again.
    So this give me an idea to take down their outdoor roost bars. Easy enough to do, then they'd have to go inside the coop for a high place to sleep. Or, maybe I will let them stay outdoors if it isn't too cold. Helps to let mother nature clean up the area easier then cleaning the coop!
    So for some protection over the outdoor roost area in the winter, I could put some tinoil over the top so the guvmint beams don't make their way into my chickens heads at night, right?

    I've always thought that chickens weren't the brightest creatures out there, but I really thought they'd be smart enough to get in out of the rain if there was a coop they could get into. I am smart enough for that, anyway. Maybe I should let the moonbeams keep working on them, to make them smarter!

    Thanks, everybody!


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