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    That's for sure! No matter what's on my mind, it always helps to just sit and watch the girls go about their business. :) (P.S. Expert is a strong word, but I'm glad you think so. ;) )

    Thanks for the info! Looks like I have a lot of reading ahead of me! :D I wouldn't have thought about the blackhead disease until after I got the birds. Unfortunately if it is in the area, I really have nowhere away from the hens to keep turkeys, so I guess that will be the deciding factor in whether turkeys join the flock or not.

    I have always loved how Royal Palms look and the ones in different colors on the Porter's website had me practically drooling. :drool Those are the kind I'd like if I get into turkeys. I avoid breeds and hybrids meant for meat as is because my birds are pets more than anything else, so for me, broad breasted turkeys are out just like Cornish crosses. Speaking of, can you make a pet out of a turkey or are they like Guinea fowl (you know, insane)?

    Thanks for your thoughts as well. :) Would you say the poults that are handled from early on are better mannered than those that are just left alone?

    Sorry if I missed replying to anyone. All the advise is appreciated! :)
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    Pipd - my older two have been pretty friendly towards everyone that has come in contact with them. We even had a family get together Labor Day weekend and all the kids were really excited to see the chickens and turkeys. It was fun doing a little petting zoo. My great white hunter/know-it-all uncle yelled at the kids to stay away from the turkeys, they're mean!! I said, you just watch this sir... and I had them come and pet the birds and I was feeding them out of my hands (they LOVE raisins) and my uncle was stunned.

    The younger ones haven't been handled as much since I got them (got them all around the same age, the 2 older ones were from RK and the 3 younger are from a farm) and they aren't mean so far, just timid. I definitely can't "pet" them or scratch their heads like my older two. That may come later, or they may always be a little stand off-ish.

    Gosh, I feel like I know more about my turkeys than I do the chickens!!
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    It's crazy how that post read. It was talking about how those roosters are good egg layers, lol.

    I'm sure John will have a good idea about the (hot) water heater. I just have a water heater. Do you have a cold water heater lol.

    Our water heater has a tag on it which states the warranty expires one year after the installation date.
    Most water heaters last about 10 years. I've never drained ours or did any maintenance in the 16 years I've been in this house.

    The date of installation was July 10th, 1977!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can bet your A** I'm not doing anything to it now, even tho the hot water has some excess iron in it the last 4 years. Wonder how much sediment is in there keeping the tank from leaking.
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    They have no idea what breeds they are. There is one box at Bloomington labled "Straight Run Pullets" no breed or anything.
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    Okay I am way beyond excited now. Earlier today my DF brought home a chick that he had rescued from his BIL's and he told me I could get some playmates for my one little chickie so I immediately jumped on here and asked for help. Well I am going to pick up a couple of marans at least one legbar rooster possible a rhodebar pair and maybe a silkie from Brad tomorrow. And depending on what hatches next week I may be also picking up some chicks from Kabhyper1. But then my DF calls me to come to his BIL's house. So I go over there and he has these guys for me

    One of the yellow ones is the one he brought home earlier. The other four he found out behind he's BIL's horse barn. So now I have these chicks, some coming from Brad tomorrow and possible some more next week. And I have a broody sitting on 9 eggs that hopefully will be hatching in about 2 weeks.
    One a different note I had one of my hens lay a shell less egg today. My hens have only been laying since the first of Aug. so is this normal for a young layer or is it something I should be concerned about. She is a red production hen of some sort.
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    I got a few rubber eggs when mine first started laying. I have been told it is normal. Just make sure you are giving them plenty of calcium. I keep a container of oyster shells in the pen for them.

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    A lot of new layers will have some egg problems at first, Give her a little time and see f this stops if not they do something about, but as of right now I would not be concerned. Congrats on your chicks!
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    Had to post a few photos :D

    Broody mom and 5 week olds:

    The 2 black babies are SFH/BA mix.

    New SFH Baby 5 wks.

    SFH Baby parents:

    Mister @ 9 mos. old.



    Miss Gray @ 9 mos old

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