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    May 28, 2013
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    very cute!!
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    HI! We are new and was told about the state sites! I am looking to start our adventure here in Northwest Indiana, but don't know where I can purchase chicks. We are looking to purchase egg layers. We are from Northwest Indiana and our town is looking to change our ordinances, so that is why we are looking now. We were going to wait until Spring, but now we cannot. And why wait right? I look forward to "meeting" everyone and thank you in advance for your help!
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    Today is hatch day![​IMG] It is taking everything for me to not go out and look under her. The anticipation is killing me!!!!![​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Aug 14, 2012
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    Yup, I'd be glad to. :) I'll send you a PM. The only pen I had left to move him to was an old rabbit hutch, so it's not ideal, but it has given me the opportunity to try to tame him down. He's very skitterish, but I've gotten him to the point where he doesn't freak out when I'm near his pen at least. He's terrified of hands, though. :confused: Anyway, I'll try to get him as tame as I can before he goes, though that will depend on how soon he goes of course.

    I just had a close encounter of the hawk kind--first time in years. Luckily my girls all ducked and ran into the coop before it could nab any of them. I was most worried about my Silkie, Margie, with that crest. It looked like she was one of the first inside, though!

    Anyway, it was a juvenile, either Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned, and looked like it wouldn't've been big enough to do any damage to any of them but the banties and maybe my young Fayoumi. I'm not sure why it was after them. Last time we saw one of them after the hens, it had landed on one of them and was standing there like it didn't know what to do. The hen was fine, of course, after the hawk was shooed away. :rolleyes: Oh, well. I've got flags flying over the chicken yard now (well, one flag and one towel :oops: ), so hopefully that will keep it at bay for a while.
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    Thank you for sharing your ups and downs! I am concerned also, but want to give it a try for at least a couple of years. I am hoping to keep the costs down by making my own hives, and I have heard that the top bar method, although you get slightly less honey, is much easier to work with and less intrusive to the bees. I had friends try bees and it lasted maybe 6 months, but I am really into the idea of homesteading and trying to be as self sufficient as possible! Plus I'm super stubborn!
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    So I went out to check, I couldn't help myself. She got off the nest on her own to eat a little so I checked the eggs. I didn't get a good look though because I picked one up and dropped it on another one. I am so mad at myself right now!!!!!!!!! It barely cracked the one it landed on, but I really hope I didn't mess something up. It just put a tiny indention in it, I don't think It broke the membrane. I really screwed up. [​IMG]
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    Sending you good vibes for all to be all right
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    Sep 20, 2012
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    I believe them to be RIRs--vickichickin, is that right? (They're her grandbabies!)
    Their coop mom is a cream legbar.

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