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    PS: Maybe you should go out with a friend for the evening [​IMG] It may be less "nerve racking" [​IMG]

    ETA: My last hatch was over a 3 day period of time. First hatched on a Friday; last hatched on Sunday.
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    what do your Sebright eggs look like? I've been finding some tiny brown ones. Wasn't sure if they were Sebright eggs or a new pullets eggs?
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    Quote:Will do. I haven't really done much with her today. When the chicks came out from under her I picked them up to examine them for problems, and the poop removal. I will leave them alone the rest of the evening. The little Wyandotte is a stinker. Definitely his fathers child. She is having trouble keeping him under her. He wants to run all over the place. I say him because I just have a feeling lol. Thank you for your advice. It's very hard to not be out there with them watching. She doesn't seem to mind my presence since I had been taking her out twice a day to potty she is used to me, but I don't want to be responsible for messing things up. Like I said before she is in that 4x2x2 brooder that is closed, so she cant go far. She wont get off the nest at all. So far Im not worried about that. My husband is on his way home so I won't be so idle anymore. lol. She seems very attentive with all 4 chicks so far, and they seem strong. The silkies are a little wobbly, but are moving around better than a couple hours ago. They are coming out a lot.
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    My Sebrights all lay a cream-colored egg. Not quite white, but far from brown. The one on the right here is a Sebright egg:


    ETA: Oops, that was directed toward Julie. :)
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    Kab- I had one of my eggs get pooped on. I read and read and decided the best thing to do was clean it and quickly return it to the nest. Well that one never hatched. I don't know if it was the water temp or what but I should have just left it. I only had to help one chick hatch but that was one that HAD been abandoned. It was a week later than the rest -it was a miracle it hatched at all. If momma hen is still around, and she is, I'd just let her be. I know it's hard!!!! I think I accidentally shrink wrapped one of my chicks 'checking' on them. :/. My hatch was like Leah's mom. Over three days and then I had two more due a week later. One of those hatched. It was a train wreck but a good learning experience. I got four super healthy chicks out of the deal. I think you are doing great! Don't sweat the cracked egg btw. Just wait til you see all of your babies that make it. It'll make you feel better :)
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    ahhh ok thanks. Looks similar to a silkie egg. They aren't laying yet then. Ladies in waiting lol
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    Thank you Julie. Its so nice having all of you guys to go to with questions. I couldn't have done most of my chicken stuff without this thread!
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    Peacefull- I was mad at my girls too, thought they were slacking!! Found a hidden nest yesterday with 12 eggs. Guess they're doing better than I'd thought!!

    Peabirdhaven- so sorry about your girl! Hope the babies do better!! I hadn't heard how you did at the show??

    Old salt- well you know what to wear for Halloween now!! Pics please!!!

    Kab- I'm with everyone else!! Leave her be!!! I was anxious when I had a broody too!! But she did great! They really do know. The new babies look adorable.

    Sally- congrats on your hatch too!!

    Brad- soooo howwwwww many eggs do you hatch a month? I can't keep up with you!!;)

    Does anybody worm their chickens? How often, with what? Do you test or just do it?

    Every one of my chickens are sneezing since all the rain last week. I have one Millie on isolation cause she's even wheezing. Staring medicating this morning.
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    I hope you gets lots more chicks. I have had eggs in a bater pip barely and then without me being able to see it they zip on the inside and about 15-20 hours later they just pop out without the outside showing all of the zipping. That said I have also had eggs with an out pip that got shrinkwrapped really fast in under 2 hours and had to have help getting out or worse did not make it. I would go somewhere as Leah suggests and not touch the hen again until she moves the chicks to the other end of the pen. easier said than done as I have messed around with opening incubators enough to know it is hard not to touch and look or try to fix. But cooler air shrink wraps chicks and just makes more of the hatch need help or die.
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    Okay. I hope I didn't hurt anything. :(

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